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Incontinence due to birth injuries - 12 years after birth TMI

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Almahart Wed 14-Feb-18 15:08:00

My last child was a difficult birth. I had a fourth degree tear

This morning, I shat myself and I didn't even know I had done it. I got out o bed thinking perhaps my period had started. It was poo. I hadn't felt a thing

Obviously I will go to GP asap but does anyone have any experience or advice. I am really feeling frightened at the moment

awkwardsitch Wed 14-Feb-18 17:41:01

Wow didn't want to read and run. Did you feel empty afterwards or do you think you could have consciously done more? Could you be actually constipated and suffering overflow?

Situp Wed 14-Feb-18 17:42:17

No advice but lots of sympathy OP. flowers
Hope it gets sorted

FuckyNellYaBastad Wed 14-Feb-18 17:42:21


Almahart Wed 14-Feb-18 18:29:15

Definitely not constipated

Am feeling pretty devastated. My worst fear was that I would have continence problems as I got older. Didn’t imagine they could be this bad

awkwardsitch Wed 14-Feb-18 18:32:56

How old are you op?

BeesAndChiscuits Wed 14-Feb-18 18:33:42

flowers I hope you can get this sorted out quickly

Almahart Wed 14-Feb-18 18:57:08

49 :-(

Aliasgrace1 Wed 14-Feb-18 19:44:45

Could you have farted in the night and shat then? Could you have a tummy bug?

Get to the docs thanks

purpleunicorns Wed 14-Feb-18 21:00:05

Are you a deep sleeper and didn't notice as you were in a deep sleep? Have you had a bug recently? Unmumsnetty hugs thanks and get yourself to the doctors! Whatever it is it will be fixable

GeorgiaOQueef Thu 15-Feb-18 18:54:53

I have the same problem due to a 4th degree tear. In my case it is nerve damage and will worsen as I age. I dare not post any more as somebody will doubtless accuse me of being the poo troll.

Blahblahblahyadayadayada Thu 15-Feb-18 20:57:29

Sorry to hear if your trouble. I had a fourth degree tear but was advised that although there is a general risk of incontinence as I get older, this isn’t necessarily something just because of the tear. Ie not inevitable that it’ll happen but all the more reason to do the exercises. Apparently menopause makes us all at risk of inckntinence. Not sure if that was urinalysis or faecal, or both.

Can you ask your GP to refer you to a women’s health physiotherapist assuming there isn’t any other reason for what happened? They’ll be able to assess your pelvic floor etc. Or refer to colorectal so they can arrange proper tests like endoanal ultrasound and manometry.

mayhew Thu 15-Feb-18 22:05:40

Some obstetric injuries get worse in middle age. Partly due to hormone changes and also can be weight and fitness related.
You need a referral to a gynae who specialises in this and can asses your weakness. Very often, a specialist physio can improve matters a lot. Some people need pelvic floor surgery, but not everyone.
Don't panic, there is help out there.

Almahart Sat 17-Feb-18 09:04:13

Thank you everyone for your kind replies. I’m sorry to have been so slow in replying, I put my head back in the sand for a day or two!

I’m fairly sure it’s related to fourth degree tear but my pelvic floor has been weak for a long time and I’m optimistic that that at least can be improved with exercises.

I will definitely ask GP to refer me. I’ve been feeling so gutted about this. We have had a terrible few years one way or another and we’re just beginning to feel that the clouds were lifting and now this.

Georgia I’m sorry to hear you have been through the same. Can I ask what if any treatment you have been recommended. I don’t want to intrude so don’t answer if you feel you don’t want to (would happily you if better) flowers

Almahart Sat 17-Feb-18 09:04:34


Footle Sat 17-Feb-18 09:37:18

OP, try not to panic. Prolapse surgery is not horrific, and has a good success rate.

Blahblahblahyadayadayada Sat 17-Feb-18 21:27:01

Just spotted the typos! Apologies.

Rowgtfc72 Sun 25-Feb-18 17:40:25

Had Dd 11 years ago, episiostimy and forceps delivery. I cant tell when i need to go but once I start I can't stop. Have had a couple of accidents. Think I also have a prolapse as there's a definite bulge when I go. I googled it and it said you can get an injury to one of the sphincters which then has no feeling so you can't tell if you've been or not.

Definitely doctors.

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