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Headache behind the eye

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anonteacher1 Tue 13-Feb-18 11:39:21

It feels like I've had sinus problems for weeks though no actual snot. Wtf? Constant headache (behind the eye currently but has been everywhere), ear ache (had antibiotics for an apparent infection), face ache, teeth ache.

Can it be sinuses without mucus?

AlexaAmbidextra Wed 14-Feb-18 00:09:46

In one word, yes. Sounds very much like sinusitis.

Rawesome6 Wed 14-Feb-18 06:30:55

Get an optician to check your eyes as well - I had this and it was a build up of fluid behind the eye putting pressure on the optic nerve. I'd been treated by GP for sinusitis.

huha Wed 14-Feb-18 06:42:18

I get headaches in my eye and it's usually a migraine. Go to boots and get Sumatriptan (expensive but worth it!). Take one. If it goes, it's likely a migraine.

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