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Javelin Arse without my period

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InBlackwaterWoods Mon 12-Feb-18 21:20:53

Help! Last Friday I knackered my back doing the pets hutches. My back was agony on the right hand side, the pain went down my lower right back to my leg. The next day, it was a bit better but since saturday evening, I've had a very painful tummy and bum!
The pain is behind my belly button and is constant. Its worse when I eat. At the business end, my chocolate starfish is fine, but my rectal muscles are suffering javelin pain. I can toilet, but get cramping pains when doing so.
It's not going away and ibuprofen/paracetamol isn't really doing much.
I need to see a GP don't I? I'll be lucky to get an appt before next week
Any advice?

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