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FirstTimeMummy25 Sun 11-Feb-18 21:24:12

I have been on Cerelle for years due to other pills causing me to have major migraines. Ever since being on it I have had no periods and no bleeding. I fell pregnant and had my DS March 2016, as soon as I was allowed to I went back on Cerelle, again no bleeding, and the last few months or so I have had random bleeding, for example, I've just had a week long bleed, then it had stopped, just gone to the loo wiped and have spotting... should I be worried? I have booked a gp appointment but the soonest I can get an appointment is 2nd March and I wondered if anyone had experienced this at all? Dr Google isn't looking good but I'm a nightmare for googling!

Ginpasta Mon 12-Feb-18 22:21:49

Hi, I have been on cerelle for approx 2 yrs. for the most part I don't have bleeding but I do very occasionally have some. Not sure why but it isn't very often xx

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