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Gum rating of 3

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User700800 Sun 11-Feb-18 17:20:43

Went for my six monthly check and was given two's'ones and threes for my gum health. Is this serious? I've got an appointment in three months time to see how my gum health is?

charliebear78 Mon 12-Feb-18 20:45:36

They are keeping an eye on it and will probably do a clean every 3 months for a while.
In the meantime floss or use interdental brushes.
I have a rating of 4 just in one area at the back which I struggle to floss/clean etc..It did seem to have cleared up and I was put back on the usual 6 monthly appointments but on my last visit they said to come every 3 months.
When this first was mentioned I had ratings of 6 and 7 but with careful brushing/flossing and using prescribed toothpaste and mouthwash I have now got them all down to 0 and 1 except that one particular area.
It was mentioned I might need deep cleaning where they clean below the gum line but this was not needed-and I hope it never will be!!!
I find the cleaning quite painful because my teeth/gums are sensitive.
Hope this helps.

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