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Pregnancy and kids with chicken pox

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Clueless1984 Sun 11-Feb-18 11:16:36

Hi all
I have just joined Mumsnet and this is my first post. I just had to share something that happened yesterday and is playing on my mind. I am 11 weeks pregnant and was in a shop changing room and I heard the woman next door telling her friend that she found her young sons first chicken pox. I could hear the little boy next door and started to panic and quickly get changed.
Im probably being really paranoid but it's playing on my mind and I'm worried.
Do you think I should tell my midwife?

Luckymummy22 Sun 11-Feb-18 11:25:30

We’re you actually in contact with them?
Have you had chickenpox before?
If you have any concerns then it is best to speak to midwife who can reassure you.

A colleague of mine was at work with shingles when I was pregnant. He told me and checked if I had had Chickenpox before. I had so there was no concerns.

MyKingdomForBrie Sun 11-Feb-18 11:26:14

Well you can tell her but unless you stay in the house for nine months that’s going to happen.

Have you not had CP before?

Clueless1984 Sun 11-Feb-18 13:01:41

Thanks for the replies.
Yes I have had it before. You're right - I suppose we are never going to avoid the possibility 100% unless you don't leave the house.
I might just mention it to the midwife to make sure.

Rainbowsandflowers78 Sun 11-Feb-18 19:59:19

If you’ve had it before you are ok.
It’s only if you aren’t immune you need to worry

KadabrasSpoon Sun 11-Feb-18 20:01:57

If you've had it before you should be immune. They check immunity in the booking in blood tests so check your notes.
I wasn't immune in pregnancy and it came up from the blood test. Have since had the vaccination but you can't have that whilst pregnant.

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