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Missed period (not pregnant)

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bloodyhellflo Sat 10-Feb-18 23:26:54

I've just realised that I've missed at least one period.

I was happily on Microgynon until a couple of years ago when my GP refused to keep prescribing it. I therefore went off all hormonal contraception and my periods soon fell into a natural rhythm. Not that they weren't regular before the pill - I've always been like clockwork.

I am definitely not pregnant (no sex in the last 9 months+).

I have a fairly stressful lifestyle and yet stress has never impacted on my periods.

I am a little overweight, but not enough so that you would look at me and worry about my health.

My breasts have 'changed' a few times - to coincide I think with when my period(s) should have been. The texture has always been - softer? - just before my periods.

I have been checking my breasts and there are no lumps. They feel like period breasts, not lumpy breasts.

The NHS website says until you've missed 3 periods, no need to see a doctor. I definitely had one in December and I think I had one in early January. I think. I've never written these things down! I always mentally work out when my very next period should be based on an event (rather than a date) and I know I'm overdue by a couple of weeks. That's not normal for me.

I'm only in my early 30s, but I did start menstruating when I was 8, so I'm half wondering if my time is up and this is the end of the egg supply... Anyone ever have no period bleeding, but the other symptoms of periods? I'm at a loss.

(I know it's only one period, but it is unusual for me. I know my body, and this isn't right.)

Klobuchar Sat 10-Feb-18 23:32:27

It happens sometimes, even to the most regular of us. There’s usually no cause and when we start up again and fall back into a rhythm, we forget all about it.

bloodyhellflo Sat 10-Feb-18 23:39:29

Klobuchar I am fighting the natural urge to freak out about it, in case that just delays things even more!

Klobuchar Sat 10-Feb-18 23:45:19

That’s a good idea, try to relax about it. You had a period in January by the sounds of it, so this one isn’t that late.

Topseyt Sat 10-Feb-18 23:48:22

It happened to me when my thyroxine levels were way too high (overactive thyroid). That can cause periods to stop. I had other symptoms too though, like severe IBS and a pronounced hand tremor.

Do you have any other symptoms at all? Thyroid is one thing that they would probably test if this continues. As mine was gradually brought under control they came back to normal.

SuperBeagle Sat 10-Feb-18 23:48:32

It's normal. Even the most regular of people will likely miss periods or have their cycle changed at some point in their life. I went without a period for 10 weeks once, with absolutely no discernible reason. It returned to normal after that.

bloodyhellflo Sat 10-Feb-18 23:56:27

Topseyt I could claim the below:

difficulty sleeping
feeling tired all the time
sensitivity to heat
warm skin and excessive sweating
a raised, itchy rash – known as hives (urticaria)

But they're very generic symptoms/signs, and could just be proof that I'm alive, as opposed to having an overactive thyroid...

SuperBeagle That is reassuring, thank you.

disneydatknee Sun 11-Feb-18 00:22:06

I have weird symptoms when I’m on natural periods because I have such a long cycle and irregular PCOS, no hormone problems, just irregular periods which seem to not appear for months at a time. This is why I’m on the pill now, to regulate them (DH had the snip, so no other reason to be on them). I got headaches, mood swings, horribly sore boobs. I missed quite a few periods and “felt” pregnant even though I knew I couldn’t be. It was torture.

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