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Is this a urinary tract infection?

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nationalgeographicnovel Sat 10-Feb-18 23:23:04

I've got what feels like very mild period cramps, and have done on and off since my last period which ended about a week ago. Feel ok otherwise. I've had other months where I've had this mild feeling but have just brushed it off. Could it be an injection? I thought I may have thrush last week but that went away... I wee quite a lot but drink a lot of water and always have done. I'm off on holiday on Monday and no time for the doctor. I do however have a course of antibiotics I could take...

Rainbowsandflowers78 Sun 11-Feb-18 03:00:16

Don’t be silly you can’t take antibiotics that aren’t prescribed. You might not even be taking the right ones to treat your symptoms

shouldnthavesaid Sun 11-Feb-18 09:42:04

Were they prescribed by the GP for UTIs? I have often been given an 'emergency' pack of broadspec antibiotics to keep in the cupboard in case I develop a UTI and can't see a doctor quickly. I've been told to do that though. Have a pack of amoxicillin in drawer. But if I did develop symptoms I'd take that and still try to see a GP where possible.

If they're just random abs you happen to have lying about the house I wouldn't , they might not help and you might not have an infection making their use unnecessary. You might also have a reaction to them.

If you think it is a UTI you could go to a pharmacy, they are qualified to assist with minor illness such as a UTI. Supermarkets have OTC treatments too (mainly ones to neutralise the urine). Pushdoctor, Lloyds pharmacy do online prescribing but probably expensive.. also 111 or walk in centre!

In the short term I find forcing about 50ml of water mixed with a tsp of bicarb brings short term relief. It's disgusting and burpy but calms burning.

As it happens a lot though still best to see your own doctor for proper diagnosis, could be lots of things.

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