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Kellie137 Sat 10-Feb-18 20:23:18

So I’ve had lots of blood tests because two came back high for inflammation in my body. The doctors then picked up on the fact I’ve had a raised temperature since July last year and they are quite concerned. I have been referred to disease and infections clinic which is where they send people when they have a fever and they can’t understand why. But my temperature varies from 37.5 and 38.2. I wouldn’t necessarily think this was too high is it? I mean 37 degrees is the average so I’m not massively out.

lljkk Sat 10-Feb-18 21:35:01

Why did you have lots of blood tests? What made you think you were ill.

Kellie137 Sun 11-Feb-18 06:48:02

I was very tired a lot of the time and felt generally unwell, dizziness, blurred vision. So I had the routine blood tests to check thyroid, blood sugars and it’s progressed from there really with different tests several times

Rainbowsandflowers78 Sun 11-Feb-18 08:43:30

37 is high. Most people have a temp of 36 something. 38 is a fever.

Generallyok Sun 11-Feb-18 08:59:38

I often feel a little under the weather with very bad fatigue. If I take my temp it is often 37.7. Haven't ever really thought of it as being a concern. My temp fluctuates wildly when I am tired, stressed, hormonal. I'm suprised that this been flagged up as a worry. I always thought that people's base temp are all different.

ljlkk Sun 11-Feb-18 09:40:27

That sounds awful, all the blood tests I mean.
I guess they ruled out all the anemias. Except you didn't mention them.

DottyGiraffe Sun 11-Feb-18 15:24:51

I thought 37 is average body temp. So some people's normal will be 36.something and some people's normal will be just over 37. In hospital, a temperature is 37.5 or above, but assume under 38 would be a low grade temp.

Rainbowsandflowers78 Sun 11-Feb-18 16:37:26

No 37 isn’t average

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