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ultrasound result

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pumpkinzz Sat 10-Feb-18 20:00:00

Hi,i m normally more of a lurker on these boards , but i am worried sick about a letter i have had from the dr. i had an ultrasound on thursday morning due to extra long periods which have been going on for months, i was reffered for this last august so its been quite a long wait.
they did not tell me much during the scan, so i asked and she said it seems essentially fine and i should make an appointment with my dr in a week to get the results.
this morning i have had a letter from the surgery asking me to make an appointment at,, my earliest convenience.. to see the dr about my results. i know its a generated letter that they send out but they must have contacted my dr straight away for me to get the letter that fast, i,m now worried sick that its come through that quickly, as they say no news is good news.
i,m worried that the sonographer lied to me , and didn,t want to tell me anything was wrong as i was very anxious at the time as i was bleeding so heavy i was literally flooding all over the place, i,m 52 and this has been going on for months , heavy bleeding and spotting continuously, and had to have iron tablets as i was anemic last august. the dr thought at the time it could be the perimenopause, but i,ve been googling and it keeps coming up with cancer.
sorry this is so long ,but i wondered if anyone knows anything about if a letter comes back quickly if this means bad news, would the dr have rang me if it was serious, thanks for reading.

tobee Sun 11-Feb-18 01:34:50

I'm not sure about the speed of the letter because, for e.g, different health authorities and different systems etc, but it could well be that it isn't anything sinister at all. When I had similar symptoms my consultant offered me a very quick operation because of my blood loss. Mine was caused by a fibroid that wasn't even that big but was a type to cause constant bleeding, nearly fainting during my actual period. I think I was lucky not to hospitalised for a intravenous iron. There are plenty of other reasons for heavy bleeding too.

I definitely recognise that before you get results it's horrible not knowing and your mind goes into overdrive.

Sonographers are very highly trained and I don't think they would have said "essentially fine" if they didn't mean it.


pumpkinzz Mon 12-Feb-18 10:50:31

Hi thanks for your reply, i have a telephone appointment with my dr for next monday, so hopefully that means that its nothing serious, or surely they would speak to me sooner if it was anything to worry about, gonna try not to google in the meantime.

SlothfulSusan Mon 12-Feb-18 13:13:55

I've had more vaginal ultrasounds than hot dinners. They are done privately so I can't compare notes on speed of letters as the dr who does them tells me there and then what he's found or not.

1. Look, a medical professional is not going to lie to you.
2. if there was anything urgent you'd be fast tracked to a gynae immediately.
3. Your GP is not pushing you to see them- 'in your own time'
4 Cancer of the uterus is rare; it doesn't usually happen to women who are having periods- it's post menopause when the lining builds up and grows and grows, until it's so thick that changes which can lead to cancer, may occur.

You are having heavy periods due to perimenopause. Hopefully your GP will offer you the Mirena coil to sort this!

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