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Painful periods since having kids

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Cookie4u Fri 09-Feb-18 22:31:06

I'm 26 and had my first baby at 22, and my 2nd at 23 .

I didn't go back onto the pill until my youngest was about 3 months old .

I was put on rigividon, I took that for around 18 months but then I started getting awful leg pains and my lady bit ached as well , walking was painful but standing still was agony . I came of the pill as I believe that caused it . So after 4 months of terrible acne and my leg pain still there I caved in and my doctor put me on ovranette as I had taken it since I was 16.
I also had a smear test that was fine

6 months ago I stopped taking all medication . ( health reasons )

I'm still experiencing this terrible leg pain every month . Wtf is going on ??
Any ideas ?

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