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Mumsnetters Keep On Running

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Saggarmakersbottomknocker Tue 01-May-07 11:50:54

As requested - a new thread, continuing on from this Marathon effort!


we been


a long time?

New members always welcome

Pidge Tue 01-May-07 13:32:57

Nice shiny new thread!!

lapsedrunner - I hope you fitted in some Sachertorte afterwards!! And don't go retiring from half marathons just yet - if the weather was anything like as hot as it's been recently no wonder it wasn't much fun. And as for your name - most of the population couldn't run 1 mile, let alone 13 of them.

My ankle /foot is still hurting when I walk. Though not as painfully as last week. I'm a bit frustrated now, as I'm reaching that point where I'm longing to go out for a little half an hour run. But I don't want to risk injuring myself properly. So ... resolving to wait till the weekend. My 35 minute each way cycle ride for work for the next 3 days will have to do for exercise!

Lilliput Tue 01-May-07 17:52:08

My training for race for life is going really well, it is a great feeling that I can now run for 15 minutes without walking when a few weeks ago I couldn;t get my head around being able to do that. I am now upping my distance so that the route I take is nearly 5K. I admit I don't run it all but I've got 4 weeks to go.
What I would like to know is how long does it take you well seasoned runners to do 5K? What is a respectable time?

DeviousDaffodil Tue 01-May-07 17:54:40

Hi went out for 5 miles this a.m, have not been out for a while. It was a lovley day, and thoroughly enjoyed it. Am trying to plan my runs better so I get out at least twice / three times a week.

Lilliput Tue 01-May-07 18:01:59

Amazingly I am getting out three times a week. I go while dh gives kids their breakfast and gets them dressed. I have a banana and a glass of water and go!

DeviousDaffodil Tue 01-May-07 18:29:55

Well done. Iy is worth making the effoert I feel so much better for it.
I am hoping to do a half marathon this year and a full one next year.

lapsedrunner Tue 01-May-07 19:24:41

Ah, there you all are . Welcome to Lilliput & DeviousDaffodil sounds like you are both doing fine.

Lilliput - you'll complete the 5km with no problems. Your question about times is a bit like "how long is a piece of string" as runners come in all shaoes and sizes, thank goodness. You'll find front runners speeding round in 21-25 mins and others finishing after 60 mins

Pleased to report that my legs are beginning to recover from the 1/2M. Interestingly past long races have left me with sore quads, this time the quads are fine, it's the hamstrings that are suffering. As I have spent the last 4 years living on the side of a hill (and all runs involve hills) there have clearly been some benefits .

Saggarmakersbottomknocker Tue 01-May-07 19:24:53

Lilliput - the fastest I've done 5k is 26 minutes but tht was definitely a one off and when I was in my mid 30's. I'm pleased with anything under 30 minutes these days.

Stamina not speed is my motto - I'm a plodder!

mustrunmore Tue 01-May-07 19:34:06

Hello. I made a brief appearance on the runners thread before, but I just dont have time for that and my post natal one, and to run
I'm slowly slowly getting back to where I should be with my running. PB for 5km is 25 mins, am currently doing 28 mins 49 as a best. Havent done longer than an hour since having ds2 (aged 14 months). I'd love to do another half marathon, but I very much doubt I'll ever be fit enough again . I'm doing RFL, and the Womens 5km in Hyde Park in September. I really need to do more outdoor runs though; am largely on the treadmill due to lack of babysitter!

lapsedrunner Tue 01-May-07 19:36:27

welcome to mustrunmore

mustrunmore Tue 01-May-07 19:38:47

I'm really going to try and keep up with this thread this time!! Esp as I could really do with some advice on how to improve most effectively from here.

mckenzie Tue 01-May-07 19:50:06

can I join please? I've had over 10 months off due to injury and I'm just getting back into 'proper' running (I've been building it up gradually on the treadmill which i find tediously boring).
I'm limited (because of the injury) to max 3 times a week, no road running and max 1 hour duration for now. The no road running rule will probably be for quite a while although I do already cheat a bit.
But how happy am i to be back out there . And I've realised what a miserable person I've been for the last 10 months.

Please will everyone feel free to keep reminding me that I must not overdo it or I will be back to square one . Thank you.

Pidge Tue 01-May-07 20:31:19

oooh how exciting - the new thread is positively buzzing with running people!

mckenzie - welcome back - I remember you from before. Promise to try to stop you misbehaving and aggravating injury.

welcome mustrunmore, deviousdaffodil and lilliput.

I was about to post the same response about times - no point comparing yourself to anyone else but yourself - if you see what I mean!! I've only ever done one 5k and I think it was around 23 minutes, and I was one of the speedier women that day. Sadly my speed over short distances seems to peter out over the longer ones!!

My next targets are - to beat my 10k and half marathon PBs. So, once my FLM-induced dodgy ankle and foot problem goes away, I'll be trying to persuade myself to do some speed work along with the lovely plodding runs. Hate speedwork with a vengeance.

mustrunmore Tue 01-May-07 20:35:05

I saw that you'd done the FLM Pidge

McKenzie, I'll always remember you as one of the first people on mn that ever replied to me about runnning, after ds1 was born, about 3.5 years ago

DeviousDaffodil Tue 01-May-07 20:39:33

Pidge how did you do in the FLM?

DeviousDaffodil Tue 01-May-07 20:40:09

And thanks for the welcome

mckenzie Tue 01-May-07 21:08:26

nice of you to remember that Mustrunmore. I hope i gave you some good info/advise. And I think if I remember correctly it was you who gave her baby carseat to Marathonmum who is a RL friend of mine and also a fantastic runner.

Pidge Tue 01-May-07 21:24:56

deviousdaffodil (great name BTW!) I sweated my way round cursing the unseasonal heatwave in 4.33. Definitely would consider doing it again, but not till the kids are a bit bigger. Even more sensible might be to pick one in February when surely it would be nice and chilly!

Saggarmakersbottomknocker Tue 01-May-07 21:25:26

Hi Mckenzie - you're on the oldest thread I posted at the beginning of this one. So am I - under two different names lol! Good to have you back.

Pidge - I hate speed work too. It makes me feel very sick. So I don't do it

mustrunmore Tue 01-May-07 21:25:35

Yes, that was me I met her the other day; she's lovely! I tell you what really helped... seeing her and realising she's just a normal person, but does such miraculous running So, I'm still 3 stone more than prekids, but I'm now managing to fit in between 5 and 10 km, 6 days a week, albeit mainly on the treadmill.But its still not changing my body shape.
I remember you telling me to baby jog no matter how small the distance. At the time, it was a PITA because we were 2 flights up and the jogger didnt fit down the stairwell . But now we've moved and I have my lovely treadmill ,and I can see light at the end of the tunnel

canmummy Tue 01-May-07 21:33:06

Hi there everyone I'm just returning to running 3 months after my c-section. I've not run at all since becoming pregnant so not fit at all and I've joined a running club to get motivated!! Never run with others before but trained for 2 half-marathons and did train for flm but had to pull out 10 days before due to a stress fracture
Really hard as dh works a lot and isn't even at home this week so can't run until the weekend. Also nothing fits me I look terrible and because I'm breasfeeding think I'm going to give myself 2 black eyes one day!

DeviousDaffodil Tue 01-May-07 21:35:44

I might have to invesst in a treadmill, any recommendations? And where do you keep yours?

mustrunmore Tue 01-May-07 21:39:06

Mine has pride of place in the front room, which to MIL's horror But I use it everyday, and I wouldnt want it in the kitchen. And its 165kg, so it'd break the floor even if we could get it upstairs! We had it imported from Germany, and saved a fortune on it. The boys love it, as they race their cars down the belt during th day

paddingtonbear1 Tue 01-May-07 22:46:51

Daffodil my FIL has a treadmill, not sure where he got it or what make it is - but he keeps it in the garage. He used it a lot to help with his FLM training.

hattie2 Wed 02-May-07 13:57:34

Hi, can I join please?! I went out for my first run in 16 months today and need some inspiration / encouragement to keep it up!

Many congrats to those who completed FLM this year!

DS was born in Jan this year and prior to getting pg with him I did 2 marathons (FLM and Amsterdam) in 2005 and a couple of halfs. Not sure if I'm aiming to get back up to marathon distance but looking forward to doing something!

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