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Paravertable block

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dissapointedafternoon Thu 08-Feb-18 12:25:18

Hello has anyone had a paravertable block?
I'm on my way to hospital to have one now to cope with pain.
Looking for a handhold.
I'm having botox, steroid and a paravertable block plus local anaesthetic called Chirocaine. Last time I had Chirocaine I had a seizure lasting 90 minutes and needed resuscitating.
I was accidentally injected into the blood stream with it by another consultant who didn't use ultrasound guidance.
My consultant today said he is nearly positive it was just that it went into my blood stream and no allergy however I am still really scared.
I have a 21 month baby son who is the joy of my life and the most brilliant husband. I would be hysterical if it happened again and I'm terrified of dying. I know it's irrational but I am crying non stop and shaking in the car.
They will sedate me as usual for this. I've asked to stay awake and promised to lay still but they said it's important to be sedated so they can get the paravertable block in safely and also to keep me comfortable.
Any one had one before and has it helped?

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