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Pregnancy after incisional hernia & rectus diastasis repair.

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Boogiewoogie12 Wed 07-Feb-18 22:13:48

Hi anyone out there who can help or had a similar surgery as to me...
I’ve had 2xboys via emergency c -section which resulted me in having major surgery. Just over 20 months ago (May 2016) after the birth of my 2nd baby I had a huge incisional hernia of my abdominal wall repaired using a dissolvable mesh which covered my entire tummy up to my bust. I also had my rectus muscles sewn back up due to its separation.
I am desperate to have another baby & was wondering if anyone has had anything similar to what I’ve had & had a baby without needing surgery again?
The surgery & recovery was incredibly painful & long, & im still suffering from it now. It is not something I want to experience again or put my family through again as especially as I have 2 little boys to consider, but I am finding it very difficult to deal with the thought of not having another child. I’ve tried talking to my GP & even my surgeon, who both shrugged their shoulders as to whether I can have another baby.
Please if there’s anyone out there please get in touch.

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