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Pain at top of right arm

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iheartmichellemallon Tue 06-Feb-18 23:09:50

I've had pain at the top of my right arm for months now - any idea what it could be? I thought it was a muscle strain but it comes & goes now with no apparent pattern. It does make it very painful reaching around behind me to pick things up! Any ideas??

I know I should make an appointment with GP but it seems so trivial to waste her time (but as it's been months now, seems like I need to do something!). TIA.

Bluesheep8 Wed 07-Feb-18 08:07:51

See your gp, you are not wasting their time. My frozen shoulder started like that and shoulder problems take a notoriously long time to diagnose and treat as problems can mimic each other and have to be ruled out along the way

Foolish1 Wed 07-Feb-18 08:12:58

Look up myofascial trigger points, you never know could be one of them bad boys

expatinspain Wed 07-Feb-18 08:20:09

I was diagnosed with a frozen shoulder with those symptoms. Now, after an ultrasound and x ray, i've found out I have calcific tendinitis. I have very limited range of movement and am in a lot of pain. Go and get seen by a doctor and referred for an X-ray and ultrasound asap.

Bluesheep8 Wed 07-Feb-18 10:50:23

Go sooner rather than later o.p, it took over a year from initial gp appointment and failed steroid injections to eventually get to the cause of mine and have it successfully treated.

goose1964 Wed 07-Feb-18 17:10:07

See your GP it sounds like it may be a rotator cuff problem an it could be helped by physiotherapy. I've had it twice once on each arm and physio worked on both,even the one on my right developed into a frozen shoulder which was agony

iheartmichellemallon Wed 07-Feb-18 20:56:37

Thanks all - ok, you've spurred me into making an appointment tomorrow (which usually takes a few weeks to get one anyway if it's not an emergency so might as well put my name down!).

Will also look up some of the suggestions you guys have made too. Thanks!

Bluesheep8 Thu 08-Feb-18 17:39:43

Glad you made the appointment. Frozen shoulder goes through some distinct stages and treatment is different for each stage (and the process of diagnosis is lengthy) mine had gone beyond physio being a possibility as it was too far into the frozen stage.a procedure with local anaesthetic ended months if pain in the end. Best of luck!

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