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Nervous about MRI

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needtogetfit Mon 05-Feb-18 21:05:04

So I've had lots of unexplained symptoms for 5 years. I've had blood test, urine tests and they never found anything 'wrong' so I was sent to a neurologist ( because one of my symptoms is Brain fog) and he said my nervous system appears normal as he examined me and asked me to do some tasks and he said all was well but said he would do an MRI to reassure me. But he said he thinks I have tension symptoms ( the man was very nice and polite but I'm annoyed that keep been out down to being all in my head)

He said he will look at the part of my Brain why deals with 'memory'
What will he be looking for?
And do I need that dye Injected in me because that scares the hell out of me! And also I'm claustrophobic does anyone have any tips to deal with that whilst in the tube ?

Dontsweathesmallstuff Mon 05-Feb-18 21:11:13

You wont need the dye injected into you.

AS far as dealing with the claustrophobia, once I went into the tube I shut my eyes (and kept them shut) and imagined i was somewhere else. Not easy to do with all the noise it makes but it helps. ( It also easy to convince yourself the tube is much bigger if you keep your eyes shut.)

cansu Mon 05-Feb-18 21:12:30

I had an MRI brain scan recently. There was no injection of dye. It took longer than I was expecting and it is noisy, but they give you headphones and music to listen to which distracts you. It was honestly fine. Strange but fine. Listen to the music and a bit of deep breathing. They also give you a button to press so you can tell them if you are struggling. They can hear and see you all the time too. It was not even half as bad as I expected.

SeaToSki Mon 05-Feb-18 21:19:46

The MRI is noisy and the top of the unit is pretty close to your nose, but you are on a slidy thing, so they can pull you back out v quickly if you want them to, and you do have a button to tell them that. I just pretended i was on a sun lounger trying to get a good tan and then just did relaxed breathing. Its actually very quick. For me they did one quick ‘practice’ one to check everything was lined up correctly, then the real one. Each one was very quick and was surprised at how fast I was done. I was also able to tell them what kind of music I preferred, so I chose classical and it was a nice piece.

lyrebird1 Tue 06-Feb-18 01:19:22

Hi, sorry you are feeling nervous. I have had quite a lot of scans, including ones with contrast dye. I just wanted to reassure you that the dye is completely painless, in case you do need it. They put a cannula in before the scan, and take you out halfway through the scan to put it in. It feels a bit cold, that is all.

Also, just because symptoms do not have an identified cause, that doesn't mean it is "all in your head". I was worried about that too (although I did find a cause), and the website explains functional symptoms well, and how they can be treated. Hope your scan goes well.

SleepIsForTheWeek Tue 06-Feb-18 01:25:49

My GP prescribed me diazepam to get me through an MRI after I had a panic attack. I was fine once I'd taken it. Had to arrive 20 mins before to take it there. Hope you're ok OP.

SleepIsForTheWeek Tue 06-Feb-18 01:27:07

Just to add - I had a panic attack because I'm also claustrophobic.

LoveToHoliday Tue 06-Feb-18 18:35:48

I had one last year and like you I was worried. My GP prescribed me Diazepem which I took before the scan. I can't stay still for long, let alone over half an hour in a small space but Diazepem must had of worked because the 40 mins spent in the scanner seemed like only 15 mins and I was totally relaxed. I had my eyes shut at first but towards the end I opened my eyes to have a good look and realised it wasn't so bad.

As for the contrast dye, before I went into the scanner, I was told I need an injection of the dye but I could refuse if I wanted to. I went ahead with the contrast dye as I wanted the images to be clear.

idontlikealdi Tue 06-Feb-18 18:37:28

I e had several mris although not in my head but the new doughnut machines are fab and not claustrophobic at all as you don't do into the tube.

Redpriestandmozart Tue 06-Feb-18 19:03:10

I get around 3 or 4 a year, and generally fall asleep. You will change into a gown but can keep pants and socks on, keep a tissue down your sock and before you go into the machine blow your nose well and scratch it because I swear as soon as you go in I always get an itch.

I get contrast on most of mine, a cannula is put in your arm then the dye is put in when needed. The machine is noisy, but strangely rhythmic and as I say I fall asleep and get quite annoyed when they keep asking me questions! You will have a panic button and if you wish a blanket over you, there is air pumped into the chamber and it can be quite cold. The staff are good at putting you at ease. I have had MRI's in different hospitals, some offer music and some don't but they will offer you ear plugs and there is a pad that goes between your ears and the face cage to keep your head steady.

needtogetfit Fri 09-Feb-18 14:47:50

Thanks everyone for your replies. My mri is at 18:05 tonight and I'm very nervous. I don't really want the contrast dye because of some things I've heard about it. Can I refuse that but still have the MRI? I don't really want the dye unless it was absolute necessary. I don't think they are looking for a specific thing.

Doje Fri 09-Feb-18 14:52:04

I loved my MRI! Half an hour with just me, my thoughts and a bit of background radio.

** Disclaimer - I have two pre schoolers so time to myself is like gold dust.

mrswhiplington Sat 10-Feb-18 14:05:38

Just read all these posts with interest. I was told on Thursday I have to have an MRI scan. Never had one before and have just been Googling it. You have all reassured me.

needtogetfit Sat 10-Feb-18 15:24:10

Thank you all for sharing Your experience, your advice and kind thoughts.

Well I had my MRI last night and I didn't need the dye ( I'm so thankful for this!)

The two radiologists ( think that's their name) that were there in the mobile mri centre were really nice, reassuring and made the whole experience less daunting. Although when they were sliding me into the cylinder tube thing I asked them to take me out as I panicked but then I had another go and after being in there for about a minute it was ok and I calmed and got used to it! Wasn't so bad after all. I'm glad it's done now.

@mrswhiplington hope your MRI goes well when it's your turn around. It really isn't as bad as google makes out lol

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