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Interstitial cystitis or OAB? Or candida ? Help please :(

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Sophs50522 Mon 05-Feb-18 20:55:47

Hi guys, I am new to this website and after reading upon some posts I thought id register and see if I can get some advice ( I know your not doctors ) but at least some help would do me a world of good. Im 28 years old and got 2 beautiful daughters aged 4 and 1. Anyway here it goes ...
Back in August 2017 I started suffering with horrific anxiety,I had MS fears, cancer fears and the list goes on. I currently having councelling for PTSD at moment due to an event that happened last year. Anyway moving on .. I started having panic attacks now and then and the usual anxiety symptoms. Head pressure, dizziness, shakes, eye floaters.. all this started to fade away as i started to manage my anxiety and i was feeling great, it's now November and I'm feeling better than ever. Fast forward two weeks.. I start having these weird belly cramps. It felt like I was either coming on my period or I needed a no2 ( sorry for tmi ) so i stopped my pill and let my body sort itself out. Pains were still there and felt bloated and had the odd sensation that I needed a pee after just going. I assumed a mild uti and thought it would pass.. 2 weeks later symptoms still there so i went straight to gp. Gp said no infection just keep drinking water. Will send urine off for culture. That came back fine.. she then wanted bloods.. they came back fine.. symptom of urge was so uncomfortable I went back down to see gp. She said will do another urine sample and vaginal swabs. Swabs and sample come back clear again. Now I am on week 8 and awaiting renal ultrasound. She suspects OAB due to me having hardly no pain apart from first few days.
I done some research and found IC.. i thought it could possibly be that,so I did a strict week of water and bread. Nothing else. My symptoms remained exactly the same. So i thought stuff that.. and went back on my normal diet.. tea, fatty foods etc and my symptoms cleared. It went away for 1 week and then returned randomly. Frequency and urethal burning. I've since had lemon juice drinks, tea, curries with no change ? Surely if it was IC I would be doubled over in pain ?? I can also hold my urine for so long without having pain. I only get discomfort after I per. And it lasts for about 1 hour.
I'm so confused by it all. Its really getting me down. I was so healthy. I am annoyed now for having such anxiety for symptoms that didn't even bother me that much compared to thissad I am 100% certain this is not anxiety however anxiety probably isn't helping the situation.
I also suspect it could be candida? Yeast over growth.
Before all these bladder symptoms I had really bad indegestion and was out on omeperozle. Could this be a link?
I'm so fed up of it all now. Especially the struggle with 2 little ones.
Any help would be great.
Really sorry for the long rant.
Sophie x

nmg85 Mon 05-Feb-18 21:56:25

Doesn't sound like IC to be honest. Possibly OAB or anxiety. Stress and anxiety makes my bladder symptoms worse.

Angela1472 Mon 05-Feb-18 22:01:03

Reading your post was the weirdest thing ever as I have been going through the EXACT same thing. Got antibiotics three weeks ago for suspected UTI but results came back negative three times. I got given tablets for an overactive bladder two weeks ago which have really helped with the urgency to urinate but then today i’m starting to think I have candida too.
I have an ultrasound booked for Thursday- desperately hoping this will give me some answers. I have googled lots of things including bladder prolapse and interstitial cystitis. Hope you get sorted soon.

Sophs50522 Tue 06-Feb-18 07:52:25

Hey nmg85, I dont really thinks it's IC either to be honest with foods not really making a difference and with it going for a week when back on normal diet.
Gp said IC usually affects patients who have either had bladder problems before or they have other health problems such as ibs. Which I have neither. Just had two uti's in my life time, last one being 7 years ago.
I do believe stress and anxiety have caused me to have this problem and it's probably making it worse right now sad

Hey Angela, sorry to hear your going through the same problem, it's awful isn't it ?! What are your symptoms?
Have you tried any diet changes at all?
I'm going to buy bioglan ph balance from Holland and Barretts and see if that will help if its candida. Willing to try anything now. I tried d mannose and that didn't do anything. Drank chamomile tea and that didn't do anything either. Will be trying uva ursi after the bioglan.
I think ive either got candida, bacteria in the bladder wall or my gp said possibly pelvic floor dysfunction. Where the muscles are too tight or something ?
I guess it's a long wait for a diagnosis.
I hope your ultrasound finds what the problem is ( hopefully nothing serious ) id love mine to just say I had kidney or bladder stones. Would make all this so much easier!
let me know how you get on Thursday smile

Angela1472 Tue 06-Feb-18 14:29:50

My symptoms are a lot better than they were- it started off with a dull period like pain about three weeks ago which turned into what I thought was a Uti after about four days- pain still there. This went on for about three more days by which point I was on antibiotics. I then was prescribed tablets for overactive bladder and symptoms got much better- but still got strange pains in stomach and what I think is the start of candida.
I just feel like the ultrasound won’t show up anything- if it was kidney stones surely I would be in excruciating pain. It does feel like a long wait and it’s so hard to get an appointment to see a Dr. I hope you get some answers soon, I will update with mine.

Sophs50522 Tue 06-Feb-18 14:56:29

Wow angela that sounds just like me.
Maybe that's what I have then too. Have the tablets worked ? Have it stopped your frequency ?
My gp is convinced that it's overactive bladder due to the stress and anxiety and said it will settle. I agree I think kidney stones would cause pain.
I can luckily get in and see doctor on the day with my surgery thankfully. Think they've had enough of me though lol but will be like an 18 week wait for a specialist I thinksad
Thank you. I hope you do too x

windchimesabotage Tue 06-Feb-18 15:02:00

I had this for ages and I also suffer with anxiety. It was started off by an infection but after that had cleared up I still felt like I needed to wee all the time and I had cramps. It was really awful and I thought I might have IC.... It took a long time to recover from but the key was trying to keep calm and limit stress. It was the anxiety about it that was making it worse. Once id dealt with my anxiety the physical symptoms massive decreased. You might want to try things that deal with anxiety like meditation, yoga ect alongside any other treatment you have. I certainly found that effective.
flowers I feel for you because it was so awful I knew my anxiety was feeding it but also it felt even worse because I was anxious about it. It went round in circles for ages.

Angela1472 Tue 06-Feb-18 15:37:42

It is a relief to hear of others having the same problems thought I really wouldn’t wish it on anyone. I also suffer anxiety and I really do worry about everything, especially illness. I just want it to go away and want to be able to think of other things and just enjoy life with my two young children.

Angela1472 Tue 06-Feb-18 15:41:16

I started taking Trospium chloride for overactive bladder about a week after the symptoms began and within 36 hours (having taken three tablets) I felt so much better. I really do recommend you try them if you can. The pain is so much better and I don’t feel the need to urinate constantly but I do still have what I think is perhaps candida but not sure if related to this or not.

Sophs50522 Tue 06-Feb-18 16:00:31

Windchimesabotage... you've literally just made my day by giving me that little bit of hope that it COULD possibly be something that will go in time.
How long did you have it for May I ask?
Only because every person I've seen who has had it from anxiety just had the frequency. No mild pain. I've never had to take pain killers put it that way. Its just irritating that feeling of needing to go.
I really want to do yoga but it's quite pricey or session sad it's so hard to relax with 2 young children,especially a one year old whos into everything. Arghh.
But I will definitely try and relax a bit more now. Thank you for your advice! flowers

Thanks angela I will mention them next time I see my doctor, anything is worth a try at the moment. I do believe candida is linked with mine too as all this started with indegestion, feeling sick and stomach gurgles. Stomach gurgles are still there and didn't even improve on omeperozle.
I know what you mean by wanting to spend time with the children, I feel like I'm just being a crap mother at the moment not having the will power for anything.

Angela1472 Tue 06-Feb-18 16:20:56

Poor you OP- yes it is very hard to rest with a one year old. Mine are at school during the day but I feel myself getting irritated with them easily as I just feel uncomfortable all the time.
I just find it so strange how quickly it all started, I didn’t think an overactive bladder would just start being ‘overactive’ all of a sudden, surely it would be a gradual thing. Hope we can both get it sorted soon.

Antonia87 Tue 06-Feb-18 16:24:38

I had this for two years. Started with a UTI and loads of antibiotics. NHS had nothing for me and said it was IC. I eventually saw a Chinese Dr who cured me in about three months. He said it was Candida in the bladder from all the antibiotics. If you want hs details please PM me.

Angela1472 Tue 06-Feb-18 16:33:41

Thank you Antonia87- i’m not sure mine would be this as i’ve only taken antibiotics for three days. Glad you got the help you needed and I won’t rule this out.

Sophs50522 Tue 06-Feb-18 16:36:26

That's exactly how I feel, very irritated and keep wishing my little girls life away by having that ' I can't wait till shes in school so i can get some time alone'sad
I do get some good days where I dont think about it but as soon as i pee that feeling to pee again is back. Thank you angela.
I hope you do too.

Antonia that sounds very interesting. This is what me and Angela have been thinking it is. I will inbox you now smile

Purringkittenmama Thu 08-Feb-18 11:18:32

I don't know if I can offer anything else or not, certainly if medication is working but I feel for you.
I used to (quite a few years ago now) get the same burning feelings quite frequently-almost like I was getting a uti but if I drank plenty it passed-only to re-occur once I hadn't been drinking gallons. Probably it happened most days, and it probably did coincide with a period when I was feeling more anxious.
I can't even remember why now, but I switched to drinking full fat milk from skimmed milk and the symptoms all but disappeared. Maybe I was lucky, but perhaps worth a go?
I hope things resolve for you all. It is miserable.

Sophs50522 Fri 09-Feb-18 09:17:45

Hey purringkittenmama.
That gives me a little hope it might go soon too. I think it's my immune system to be honest, probably not fighting as well as it should be due to the stress I've been having recently ( a year of hell with a baby with reflux and a house move and renovation along with my ptsd and anxiety from an awful event that year too )
It's funny you say that about the whole milk. I've been drinking that for the past 2 weeks or so as I've been wasting alot of mill with my little one being on whole milk and me drinking semi skimmed. If I noticed my symptoms are not as bad..however I've had to go on skimmed milk now because dairy causes me ear problems sadly sad
Thank you for your advice though. I hope mine clears up and I can offer advice eventually x

Purringkittenmama Fri 09-Feb-18 11:10:38

That's a shame, I hoped it may help you. The only other thing I can say is that I did take d-mannose after a few bouts of a uti (although that was confirmed uti) when the symptoms didn't fully resolve. Was tested in between and told all OK, but I never felt fully 'right'. I think uti was lurking somewhere but perhaps not at a level to be detected. The d-mannose did seem to really help. I bought from Sweet Cures (have recommended this on another post, but I promise I have no ties to the company).
I really hope, however it happens, that you get better soon. x

windchimesabotage Fri 09-Feb-18 12:54:15

sophs sorry I just saw you asked me a question. It did take quite along time to go and it was gradual. The pain was completely gone in a year. I still do worry a little bit about it but I dont feel any pain like I used to.

Personwithhorse Fri 09-Feb-18 13:03:35

You might need to see a specialist to do an investigation of your bladder you might have a lesion that needs to be removed - I am having this done in a few days>....

Sophs50522 Fri 09-Feb-18 18:36:36

I did buy d-mannose from Holland and Barrett but the tablet form that contained cranberry, it did absolutely nothing, so i dont think I have Ecoli however I will give them another go if i ever have a confirmed UTI as im curious if it would work.
I am tempted to try the uva ursi i think it's called? As they are supposed to be good.
Thank you for your tips. I'm really willing to try everything at moment.

That sounds really positive, I hope my goes away with time. I really really don't want it to be IC sad But it's so mild I'm not convinced. I guess I should wait for my ultrasound and go from there.

Is that what you have? What is that may I ask? I am awaiting an ultrasound now probably be a month or so yet though. Do you have the similar symptoms?

Personwithhorse Fri 09-Feb-18 19:03:17

Endless seeing at night, have had ultrasound found nothing unpleasant examination, camera into bladder, found the lesion. Also had CT scan, not seeing specialist until minor op to remove lesion under sedation

Sophs50522 Fri 09-Feb-18 19:15:49

Oh I dont have any peeing problems at night ( thankfully ) so i hope thats not the case as that sounds scary sad
But i really hope it all goes well for you and you make a quick recovery x

Mogginthemog Fri 09-Feb-18 23:02:42

I have very similar symptoms. Been going on for years. The gp dipsticks my sample and finds blood and some nitrates. Sends sample to lab whereby it always comes back as negative.

I was referred to urologist and they thought it was IC. I was still having constant symptoms and I certainly felt I had infection as often my urine is stinky. Finally the hospital did a rigid cystoscopy under GA and they found something called cystitis cystica all over the bladder wall and up into the bladder neck. It’s caused by untreated or undertreated cystitis. The infection is in the bladder lining and often doesn’t transfer across into the urine which is why the consultant said I feel like I have an infection but lab results are clear. The infection only rarely gets into the urine. I’m about to start weekly bladder installations of a solution to try heal the lining. The same treatment is also appropriate for IC. My friend says it’s helping hers.

I’d had two flexible cystoscopies as well as varies ultrasounds and a nuclear medicine scan of my bladder and kidneys and my bladder looked fine on all. It was only this final rigid cystoscopy that showed what the problem actually was. I’d ask for a referral to urology because a);you need to know whats causing your symptoms and b) there is help out there.

Sophs50522 Sat 10-Feb-18 08:10:32

Wow Mogginthemog, that sounds very interesting. I read a similar story online about a lady with that, they kept saying she had IC but turns out it was that and she's on long term antibiotics? Did they suggest anything other than installations? I was hoping I would never have to have a cystocopy but i just have that feeling one will be needed.
Did you find your diet made any difference to your symptoms ? This is why I am so unsure its IC. I had a curry last night ( Madras too ) and I've woken up feel better than i did yesterday. Really makes no sense to me.

Mogginthemog Sat 10-Feb-18 10:26:17

Nope nothing I eat or drink makes any difference to my symptoms either. I think IC is the go to diagnosis for many GPs and urologists when sometimes it’s not that at all. I’m not convinced about the use of flexible cystoscopies after my experience either. It’s weird that nothing showed up on those and it was only the rigid one that finally showed the damage. My friends IC was diagnosed after a rigid cystoscopy too. Cystoscopy isn’t the funnest way to spend your time but if they show what’s causing your symptoms it’s worth it IMO. All I would caution is not being robbed off with a quick IC diagnosis and being given tablets to dry things up. In most cases they’re useless and dry your mouth and eyes out and you still need a wee every 10 mins sad. I reckon they’re cheap as chips and they keep patients at bay for a few months while they try them. I’m done with being Ms sweet, compliant patient now as all it seems to have got me is endless fobbing off and a nasty chronic condition due to inappropriate treatment. I’d get a referral and question what and why they are doing stuff. I don’t want any other women to go through my experience.

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