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Alternatives to NHS hearing aids

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JohnHunter Sat 13-Jan-18 19:45:48

My grandmother's hearing is getting worse over time (presumably age-related hearing loss) and she has been provided with the standard brown NHS hearing aids. My grandfather has used these for many years and gets on with them well. However, my grandmother is struggling to get on with hers, e.g. she hears lots of background noise and can't really hear conversations well unless they are directed at her.

We have seen lots of other hearing aids advertised in various places (e.g. up to £2000) but don't know whether or not these are much better than those provided by the NHS. Some are obviously more attractive or include neat gadgets but that's not really what we need in this case.

Has anyone any experience of privately bought versus NHS hearing aids?

IlonaRN Sat 13-Jan-18 19:52:48

The only experience I have is from when I had my hearing checked by a private place (I think it was Boots), and they said I'd be looking at paying £4k+ per aid to get better than my NHS ones!
Also, the NHS will loan an aid if mine needs to go in for repair. The service really is brilliant.
If she's not getting on with it, can she speak to her local audiology dept and see if they can adjust it or have any other ideas?
Best of luck!

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