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DM waiting 6wks for wet AMD injection: NHS v Private

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belwiz Sat 13-Jan-18 11:27:12

I'd be v grateful for any voice of experience on my DM's condition/situation as she's climbing the walls with worry.

She was diagnosed Thurs with wet AMD in both eyes. Consultant was v blunt and laconic about the whole thing - said she'd need monthly injections In both eyes (though one is worse than the other), gave her a leaflet and said 'you'll hear something in 6 wks.'

We don't know if that means she'll get the first injections in 6 wks or just an appt letter but the worry is this: even a cursory google suggests that wet AMD can deteriorate in days let alone weeks. At 76, my mum is an avid reader, loves learning languages, does Camino solo annually, relies a lot on her ability to read and get about independently - she is terrified that in the 6+ weeks till treatment her eyes will get irreparably worse.

She's happy to stump up the 1,700 per private injection - she can ill afford it but given the circs she's prepared to do anything to preserve her vision.

Our question is this: if she goes private for the initial 1 or 2 injections to get treatment started ASAP, does that affect her place on the NHS appt list? She simply couldn't afford to continue paying 1,700 a month for treatment.

I can't get advice from either the nhs hospital or private clinic till Monday (same consultant works at both). Would any of you lovely MN'ers give me some advice so I could help ease my mum's mind over the weekend? Thanks for bearing with my slight ramble....

Floralnomad Sat 13-Jan-18 11:34:22

Your best bet is to speak to the consultants NHS secretary on Monday , this is bound to be a question they’ve been asked before . FWIW I used a private endocrinologist last year and after initial treatment swapped back to NHS and it was an easy transition mainly because I had already got a letter in from my GP requesting an NHS appt . As your mum is already being treated in the NHS it should be possible to do what you are suggesting . You may find that the NHS sec is also the private sec as that appears quite common and does help with continuity .

belwiz Sat 13-Jan-18 12:00:48

Thanks, FloralNomad - that gives us a little hope so much appreciated. Hopefully we can get sthg sorted. With my DF recovering from cancer surgery, DM needs her sight!

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