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Eczema and Bioresonance Therapy

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JPM Fri 23-Jul-04 23:33:11

Anyone had any experience of this? We're considering it for my 2 year old ds.

Chandra Fri 23-Jul-04 23:36:47

mmm nop, but would be interested to hear more, what kind of eczema do you or your family have?

JPM Fri 23-Jul-04 23:47:24

My dp and ds have dry eczema. My dp had it bad as a child but grew out of it although it does tend to flare up after a shower or swimming. Ds did not have it too bad but over the last 2 weeks has had a reaction to somethung or over and has dry skin all over him. I think it's washing powder as his nappy area and face are comletely clear. However, had not used anything different apart from Surcare which I though was recommended for eczema sufferers - I was wrong.

My mum advised me to try Dreft as it has no bleaching agents in it so have been out today and got some and have washed all of ds clothes and bedding today....fingers crossed.

Anyway, I came across the bioresonance therapy online after trying all the creams under the sun on ds and not having much luck. My daughter went to a cranial osteopath after she was born as she had reflux and was very very impressed with the results so we are now prepared to try this alternative therapy with my ds. For more info look at the website
We've booked an appointment for a consultation this wednesday so I'll let you know what happens. I hope it works though because poor ds is tearing himself apart at the moment and I want to try to clear his skin up as much as possible before we go on holiday at the end of August.

Chandra Fri 23-Jul-04 23:53:31

I normally use non-bio detergents and avoid any kind of softners. Have you been to a dermatologist lately?

JPM Sat 24-Jul-04 00:02:43

No - it's not something I've considered before... what do they do?

Chandra Sat 24-Jul-04 00:08:02

I'm sorry, didn't want to offend you but if you have been to a dermatologist in the last couple of years (hence the "lately" in my question)there's a new medicine that acts as hidrocortisone but without many of the negative effects, but what can I say?, I'm just the mother of a child with such a bad eczema that he spent last summer bleeding, so no experience in the area!!!

JPM Sat 24-Jul-04 00:10:47

Did your GP refer you to dermatologist or did you find an independent one in your area?

Chandra Sat 24-Jul-04 00:31:13

JPM, it is a bit difficult to be referred to a dermatologist, I paid a couple of private appointments and once I got a diagnose from I mentioned about it to the paediatrician who offered us a referral. But if it had been for the GPs he may be still on hydrous cream and bleeding... What cream are you/have you been using?

JPM Sat 24-Jul-04 00:37:08

Generally use Doublebase to moisutrise and have a hydrocortisone cream for 'bad patches' as and when they arise. I have also recently started giving him Piriton syrup to work 'from the inside'.

Have tried porridge oats/sea salt mix in his bath which is quite good too.

JPM Sat 24-Jul-04 00:38:02

Chandra - what sun lotion would you recommend using?? A lot of these seem to bring his skin up too.

Chandra Sat 24-Jul-04 00:46:27

I have heard a lot of good comments about doublebase but have not tried it yet as DS seems fine atm with Eucerin, he also has some tar based oil in the bath that we bring from Spain and it's great, and Protopic in the flares. About sun lotion, a paba free one would be OK but be sure to apply first the regular cream and the sunscreen at least 15 min later. It also helps if you apply the double base in the first four minutes after the bath while the pores are still open and the skin has not yet dried out.

What Hidrocortisone are you using at the moment?

JPM Sat 24-Jul-04 00:51:42

Looked on the box - all it says is Hydrochortisone Cream 0.5%

JPM Sat 24-Jul-04 00:53:30

Oh my goodness - just noticed the time - I must get to bed!! Chandra, thenk you for your conversation tonight. Will post again after our consultation on Wednesday if you're interested.

Chandra Sat 24-Jul-04 01:00:39

Not much to worry about it then as if the 0.5 Hidrocortisone is working in the flares the problem may be mild. It may be that the eczema is flaring because of the warmer days or maybe, is your child swimming very often?, chlorine can dry the skin a lot (so a good rinse and tart up of cream after swimming is essential)

There are many threads about eczema under the allergies topic, if you want to try alternative medicine, homeopathy may be very good. DS had it for a while and we definitively saw a change for the better.

Good night, I'm off to sleep now

yousafsoap Wed 03-Sep-14 10:27:17

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