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Breast cancer info

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Debdoo Tue 26-Dec-17 00:46:18

Hi, just wondered what breast cancer pain feels like, can see it says pain can be symptom but doesn’t describe what kind of pain!
Can cyclical type pain and discomfort be a symptom or does it feel different to cyclical pain. I’ve been having pain on and off irrationally for a few months, Doctor couldn’t find any lumps and said she thought it was my hormones, but last week I found a lump underneath a red blotch that had appeared overnight 2 days prior to my period starting, the blotch was tender to touch, anyway 2 says later my period started and within 24 hours the lump disappeared and within 3 days so had the blotch, however normally by now the cyclical type discomfort I get when due in would have gone, but it hasn’t. It’s not constant but everyday at some point throughout the day, mostly just in left breast but sometimes both. Right up into my arm pit, feels sore to put my arms down by my side in the armpit area. I’m panicing it’s bc and getting myself all in a tiss about it, I’ve docs apt on 27th in the morning, not just bout this but other issues gynae related. Can anyone having had bc help advise whether this pain could be cancer? X

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Delatron Tue 26-Dec-17 13:14:58

Hi, sorry you are going through this. I have had Breast cancer and you are doing all the right things getting everything checked out. Most breast cancer does not present as pain. I had a lump but it wasn't painful. Only a doctor can say for sure and just keep pushing them to investigate. Have they done a mammogram, ultrasound etc? You can push for this for peace of mind. I know all this waiting is hard.

Debdoo Tue 26-Dec-17 13:50:39

Ta love, no I went 3 weeks ago and she just had a feel and said she was confident it was nothing to worry about and cyclical pain nothing more. So my periods been and gone and like I say developed the blotch and lump and it went when my period started but the throbbing and cyclical type pain I always get hasn’t gone. Starting to feel like I’m making it hurt stressing about it all but I just feel so scared as I’ve 3 daughters and the thought of leaving them so young terrifies me. Irrational prob I know but worrying me sick. I’ve struggled to enjoy Xmas because of how worried I am. What if she refuses to send me for mamo or ultrasound, what then? X

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Delatron Tue 26-Dec-17 22:23:06

I think if you are in pain then it needs to be investigated. Try not to stress though, it does sound hormonal. Even if there was a lump 9/10 lumps are harmless. Sometimes it's worth seeing a different doctor if you are fobbed off by one.

Debdoo Tue 26-Dec-17 23:29:18

Yeah will see what she says in the morning. Hard not to worry though isn’t it. Doesn’t help my friend was diagnosed last Nov with stage 4 bowel cancer that’s spread to her liver, she was gobbled off by our doctor making out like she was making mountain out of a molehill and by time they agreed to scan her and do tests it was stage 4! So prob why im even more anxious as I’ve seen what her and her family have had to go through this year! It’s horrific! Just feel like doctor will think I’m being melodramatic with her telling me 3 weeks ago that she was convinced there was nothing to worry about. Fingers crossed she won’t and will investigate it further as don’t think I’ll totally relax until they do as it’ll be in the back of my mind. Thank you for replying, I didn’t think anyone would with it being Boxing Day! How long ago was you diagnosed and have you fully recovered now? What treatment did you have? Xx

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LivingInTheSeventies Wed 27-Dec-17 00:43:46

I paid for my ultra sound- is that possible for you?

Otherwise, tell the dr you have had ongoing pain for x months so you’d like it investigated for peace of mind.

My cancer was painful but difficult to describe - perhaps more unpleasant than actual pain.

Lumps can come and go and not be cancer. Try having a feel in different positions to see if you can find the lump.

Debdoo Wed 27-Dec-17 01:12:48

Was it not like cylical pain then? It isn’t constant that’s the thing, it comes and goes throughout the day! And sometimes it’s both but mostly it’s the left, and it’s all the way into my armpit both underneath and on top of my breast, my nipples aren’t painful but a little tender like when due on! The pain is relieved if I lay with my arms out in crucifix position for example, or put a cushion under my arm on sofa if sat upright. But like I say it isn’t constant all day long, like right now I’m laid in bed and feel nothing! Very strange! What type of breast cancer did you have and what stage was it? X

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Debdoo Wed 27-Dec-17 11:53:44

So I went this morning and she said my breast felt lumpy on top but it didn’t feel like anything to worry about and she thought it was hormonal and prob cysts and refused to send me for any scans and said it if comes back on my next period to go back! I’ve also an infection in my operation in my ladies region which was the reason for my appointment originally, the breast check was just an extra thing! I don’t really feel anymore relieved or wiser!!!!

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Delatron Wed 27-Dec-17 17:03:56

How annoying! Can you arrange to see a different doctor and say you want the pain investigated further?

As frustrating as it is, if they suspect cancer they have to rush you through on a 2 week pathway. So you must be seen in 2 weeks. Therefore she must be certain it is cyclical. I know this doesn't help with the pain though.

I was diagnosed 7 years ago (wow that sounds long ago, doesn't feel it!) Had chemo and double mastectomy, 5 years of tamoxifen and seem to be fine now, fingers crossed.
Good luck with getting to the bottom of it.

SwimmingIsMyLife Wed 27-Dec-17 17:30:11

Well presumably if the lumpy bits are still there after next period she’ll refer you then? She can’t know it’s a cyst from just examining you even if it probably is. I thought most gps referred straight away for any breast lump.

I have non cyclical breast pain in one breast and have been told (at breast clinic) that they’re not sure what causes it but it’s not cancer and hopefully it’ll clear up on it’s own. It hasn’t and it drives me insane.

I’d be asking to see another dr for a referral.

Debdoo Thu 28-Dec-17 11:07:37

I’m not one for causing a fuss and was shocked tbh that she didn’t refer me. This is 3rd time now I’ve been and non of the doctors have given me what I would call thorough breast exam, first just poked at where I was concerned about, no lie, just prodded with one finger tip, second time was lady doctor and she just touched the breast and didn’t go into armpit and this time again she just concentrated on the top part where I’m tender and said it felt lumpy and most prob hormonal cysts and she wasn’t worried about it. I applied heat last night s was very sore!

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Delatron Thu 28-Dec-17 14:57:41

Just to compare. I had what can be described as a 'thickening' above the breast, so more on the muscle above. Not really a lump. Doctor was sure it was a fibroid type thing but said she'd refer me to be on the safe side. Thank god she did.

Now, I'm sure you have nothing to worry about but any pain needs to be checked out. You also need peace of mind. Make another appointment with a different GP on a few weeks if this is still ongoing?

Debdoo Thu 28-Dec-17 15:26:04

My soreness and tenderness is on top of breast going into armpit although today it’s upto collarbone although I aren’t sure whether I’ve slept funny or not! Wierd feeling today almost like a cold burning sensation upto my collarbone! Armpit doesn’t hurt today! I can feel the lumpy bits myself today above the Areola on top feels ridgidy! I keep braking down crying to myself when kids aren’t looking! Feel so scared and worried inside! Low and behold my breast wasn’t that sore at docs yesterday but today it is! Tried to get emergency apt today but they havent got any available! I’m normally such a positive person but all I can do atm is think the worst, emotionally I’m up and down like a yo yo! Keep feeling suddenly panicked when I feel something I haven’t or don’t think I’ve felt before! Need to stop looking on google as think that’s scaring me a lot! X

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Delatron Thu 28-Dec-17 15:35:20

Step away from Google! I think you need
to convey to the doctor how much anxiety this is causing you. Remember most lumps
are harmless and even the ones that aren't are, on the whole treatable. Hope you get it sorted.

Debdoo Thu 28-Dec-17 16:09:52

Thank you! I’m gonna ring in the morning and ask for a sane day apt! That’s all I can do at this stage! Just so uncomfy as nothing takes the discomfort away! It’s all the aY into my neck atm but wondering if that could be anxiety or slept funny as have t had pain in my shoulder before! I can’t imagine if bc that symptoms with happen this quickly really! My breast itselflooks
Normal on the outside apart from slight redness where the lump was originally, it’s ever so slightly still noticeable! I’ll let you know how I get on! X

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Debdoo Wed 03-Jan-18 15:38:40

So managed to get another appointment this morning, she’s referred me to breast clinic for tests to be on safe side. The pain is like a dull ache in boob and uncomfortable feeling of swolleness under arm like when due on now. Nipple is extremely sensitive as if when pregnant. Doctor said she couldn’t feel any definitive lump but would refer me as 4th time I’ve been now! I thought I’d feel relieved but I actually feel worse now! I actually feel petrified tbh.

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Delatron Wed 03-Jan-18 16:17:32

Oh it's good she has referred you. I know waiting is a worry but it's good to get it all checked out.

Debdoo Wed 03-Jan-18 16:39:37

I know, it doesn’t help that I’m recovering from prolapse surgery 5 weeks ago so nothing to do.cant go crazy with the cleaning as I’m not supposed to be doing much, can’t even hoover. Keep getting emotional and find myself thinking the worst which is hard cos I’m normally a positive person! I’ve 3 kids and I look at them and I just wanna cry- it’s just the uncertainty of it all I guess! The what if! Wouldn’t be bad if the discomfort would bog off and stop reminding me every second practically of everyday! X

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Frekkles1 Sun 07-Jan-18 11:53:23

Breast cancer does not cause pain I was diagnosed in April last year after I accidentally twisted funny in bed went to my GP as I am high risk... Went on antibiotics for a week and pain still there..I exaggerated my symptoms to get a scan.. went for ultrasound and mammogram and it showed a cyst but also something else biopsy showed cancer I had 6 months of chemo just had small surgery (thank god) and am due to start radiotherapy soon plus a year of injections please get it checked again as my lump couldn't be felt only seen on images tell your doctor you have discharge coming out ... To get a scan... Just to be sure... It may not be anything but it's better to be safe .. as breast cancer does not hurt or cause pain it could be cysts they hurt

Frekkles1 Sun 07-Jan-18 11:55:44

Was this cancer surgery? I had lymph node removed 24th Nov and still in some discomfort it will get better with time .. if this is the case .. keep your chin up you're doing GREAT!

Frekkles1 Sun 07-Jan-18 11:58:50

I'm.pleased you persevered with the appointment I think it's so wrong that they don't just offer breast screening in very lucky to have found mine but with experience with my mum who has now had it three times and is now going through chemo as I did last year I knew what to say to get that screening ...

Debdoo Sun 07-Jan-18 15:42:10

Hi frekkles1, if you are referring to my surgery then no it wasn’t cancer surgery I had a rectal prolapse which I ha rectified in November! It’s whilst recovering from that that I’ve started with the boob issues! Back end of last week it wasn’t too bad at all really and for a second I could of almost forgot about it, swelling in armpit disappeared and the dull Ache subsided! However I’m due on this Friday 12th and woke this morning to extreme tenderness in the left breast in exactly the same place, like constant throbbing kinda and very tender but not agony when I press on my boob! Sounds wierd but sometimes feels like it’s slightly now in the right side of the boob nearest the middle of my chest, almost like it radiates across! The sensitive nipple I was experiencing has gone however totally which surely is a good thing! I’m keeping my eye out for the red blotch and lump I got under it just before my last period to see if the same thing happens this time! I’ve been managing my emotions a lot better last couple of days as the discomfort had eased, but today I’m feeling anxious as every throb is just a reminder of what it could be! It’s the fear I guess of the unknown! See I always thought bc didn’t hurt but having been in a forum on a bc website it turns out that pain with bc is actually more common than you realise and some women’s only symptom was tenseness or pain nothing else! Which made me panic more I guess! I’ve also had this bloody pain inbetween my shoulder blades and left shoulder for a couple of years- went to doctor last year as I though arthritis but after a physical exam and strength tests he said he thought it was more muscular! Well I’ve got that atm aswell although feels more intense, almost like someone is squeezing spins inbetween my should blades and it’s really painful and the unrealistic errational side if my brain is convinced it’s bc and spread to my spine already!
I feel like I’m loosing the plot whilst I wait for my apt...every niggle, every bit of pain or discomfort and I can’t help fearing the worst! I’m gonna feel really stupid if I get there on whatever day my apt will be on and they can’t find anything or it’s a cyst! Oh and tbh I’ve been surprised that I’ve had to go docs 4 Times and see 3 different doctors to get a referral- it isn’t someone that I wanna take a chance on and thought the health service felt the same hence the 2 week wait! But felt
Like I’ve had to beg for it! What
did your cyst feel like? Was that throbbing and tenderness? I’ve ne mover had anything like this tbh, I’ve had sore boobs before a period and sometimes when I ovulate, but not the tenderness like this in a specific area! What stage was your cancer when they found it? X

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Debdoo Thu 11-Jan-18 17:35:46

Hi it’s good news here! They wouldn’t mamo me as I’m under 40 however did an ultrasound and everything looks normal the lumpiness I can feel is the ridges in my breast glands and tissue which are all normal texture apparently! Consultant just said everything appears normal and sometimes Breast pain comes and they can’t find a reason for it other than hormonal and it should settle
Down by itself with time! Feeling relieved that it’s over with! Feel abit like I’m on a come down atm as I’ve got myself that worked up over the last few weeks! Lol but very thankful! Thank you for all your support ladies- I got myself into a right state over it but I’m great full it was all ok! smile

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Delatron Thu 11-Jan-18 20:04:52

Ahh, that's brilliant news. You must be very relieved. Well done for pushing for the mammogram. It's worth getting these things checked out.

Terrylene Thu 11-Jan-18 20:16:17

This site has lots of conditions that aren't breast cancer and I find it quite useful. I have a patch that gets sore (actually, 3 patches) that sometimes gets itchy and is in the areas I used to get blocked ducts/mastitis. I think it is something menopausal about the skin in the ducts drying sad. It usually goes away with some ibuprofen over a couple of days.

(It has been repeatedly mammogrammed and ultrasounded before anyone asks. Said it is probably hormonal.........)

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