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Any dentists around? Sorry for gross teeth pic. What's this thing on my gum?

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upsidedownfrown Wed 20-Dec-17 15:39:38

So I had an abscess years ago above front tooth. Had rct, was left with a little lump above my gum. Changed dentist, had rct redone as it was throbbing and xray showed the original rct was quite frankly shockingly done, all ragged edges, some poked out the end, etc etc.

Anyway, this gum lump has been there years. My new dentist didn't say anything about it, presumably as she assumed my old dentist did. It doesn't hurt but is exactly where my original abscess was.

Not due a check up for months and don't wanna make an appointment as it's never changed/grown or anything.

Is it just a bony growth from when my abscess healed? That's what I've assumed. Hopefully my pic will attach

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upsidedownfrown Wed 20-Dec-17 16:03:06

Just looked properly at pic I posted. It's the lumpy bit above front tooth. Pic has made it look a lot lighter than in is irl. Its closer to gum colour really.

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