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Stabbing pains after hysterectomy

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cakedup Mon 18-Dec-17 23:06:14

I am 4 weeks post op, uterus/cervix removed, ovaries left in.

For about a week I was feeling really good and ready to get back in the swing of things. However, all day long I've had sharp stabbing pains in the area where my uterus used to be. Tried paracetamol but didn't work so I've just taken a codeine.

Anyone else had similar? I'm pretty sure it's all normal but would like to be reassured by hear about other people's experiences.

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tobee Mon 18-Dec-17 23:21:56

I'm two years post op. I remember having all sorts of odd pains at points. And basically the advice always was that it was an indication that i needed to rest more. Or ... could it be constipation?

I would wait it out tonight, resting up still. All your inner bits, as I'm sure you know, have been shifted about and hacked about and everything takes time to mesh again.

Obviously if you feel worse call 111 for advice or maybe even the ward you were on.

Hope you feel better soon! Look after yourself. I know it's tempting to be up and about as normal.

cakedup Mon 18-Dec-17 23:45:45

Thanks for replying tobee. I don't think it's constipation because it's very specifically in the area where the womb was. Also, I did have horrendous constipation pains for the first couple of weeks, so glad that's over.

Well I think the codeine seems to have done the trick at least. I've been trying to be careful but it's impossible, especially as a lone parent mum to not do anything. However, when these pains started my instinct was to rest it out.

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cakedup Mon 18-Dec-17 23:57:30

The stabbing pains are back actually sad
Can't believe the codeine on top of the paracetamol haven't stopped the pain. It's not constant but just a sporadic shooting pain that is really quite painful, although only for a couple of seconds.

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tobee Tue 19-Dec-17 01:47:03

It might be worth getting an appointment with your gp, just to allay any concerns you have. Hope you get some sleep.

sherint Fri 23-Nov-18 22:27:26

did you find a cause im 4 WEEKS 3 days post op incision is still open and suffering same pains both internal and under belly button not helped by fact i have a husband who works long hours 3 kids 22 pets and am having to do everything myself

Married07 Mon 11-Feb-19 17:15:13

I had a hysterectomy 4 weeks ago, I've not had much pain up until yesterday when I kept getting stabbing pains in my abdomen just below my belly button. Has anyone else experienced this? If so did you find out what it was? I've contacted my GP's and they advised me to go to A&E but as its 20 miles away I don't want to do that if it's normal, as in the healing process. Happy for any responses. Kim.

MamaMand Thu 10-Oct-19 22:07:20

I had a vaginal hysterectomy 9 days ago and felt fine until last night when I got a series of sharp pains. Codeine didn’t help. Reading the above comments has eased my mind knowing that these sharp pains are normal. Beforehand I had only a bit of lower back ache and period type cramping.

Blessed9977 Sat 01-Feb-20 04:43:53 op 4 weeks for a laproscopic hysterectomy... Did anyone ever go get the pains checked out? I was fine up until I drove today.. And now the pain is bad....trying not to take the percocets... Well other than being hospitalized for a urinary track infection 10 post op...

Smile333 Mon 10-Feb-20 20:39:42

Iam 3 weeks post abnominal hysterectomy and am experiencing a sharp stabbing pain on the left side closer to the incision. I have noticed a small piece of stitch stuck out. Could this be the problem and do i have to visit my gp to have it removed. I had dissolvable stitches.

Blessed9977 Mon 10-Feb-20 21:53:50

The stabbing pain happens...not sure why. The stitches do desolve.... I know they feel extremely hard but they do disappear

Healing2020 Sun 23-Feb-20 18:05:05

I’m almost three weeks post op and I’m having sporadic stabbing pains in my lower abdomen/pelvic area. I think it may be normal based on the comments above. I think it may be from the stitches dissolving. Either way I’m staying off my feet today.

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