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Sinus infection or tooth problem?

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ForeverHopeful21 Sun 17-Dec-17 01:31:32

I've been diagnosed with flu and one of my main concerns was pain in my right side nose and right side lower jaw ...which after a quick Google suggested sinus infection. GP didn't give me any medication (I'm pregnant) but suggested paracetamol, nasal saline spray and menthol steaming.

I've been following her recommendations for 48 hours but my tooth pain is now excruciating hence why I'm awake at 1:30am with a hot water bottle attached to my face sad . Tonight I feel as though the ache is coming from one tooth in particular - although there is no redness or swelling from what I can see. And I still have the pain in my nose.

Due to house move I'm not registered with a dentist here so not sure how it would work? Anyone got any words of wisdom????

ferrier Sun 17-Dec-17 01:33:10

Could easily be sinus. It really does give horrendous toothache. Alcohol usually works for me wine

ijustwannadance Sun 17-Dec-17 01:38:19

I had similar issue. Couldn't tell if tooth or sinus pain. I also wasn't registered amywhere.

I rang nearest dentist, asked if I could register, they said yes and I got appointment next day.

You could try getting an emergency NHS dentist appointment.

I ended up having a temporary filling put in as also pregnant so they couldn't use normal filling stuff. All dental work is free when pregnant too.

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