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Late PND?

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Bexsymo Mon 11-Dec-17 21:49:04

Hi everyone. New to this group. I’m just wondering if it is possible to have post natal depression/anxiety and panic attacks months after the birth? I had slight PND after my first but with my second it has been terrible. Had a very quick birth which was quite traumatic. Everything was fine for a while, then I had a complete breakdown and ended up being referred to a crisis team who helped so much. I was prescribed lots of medication. A few months ago I tried hypnotherapy and at first it seemed to work but the hypnotherapist told me to stop taking my medication. So in my vulnerable state I agreed. 2 weeks later I am in complete panic all day every day. It’s just awful, so I started my medication again. Has anyone found that meds help with this?

Snowbelled Mon 11-Dec-17 21:58:12

Hi sorry to hear you are having such a hard time. Coming off any medication very quickly can cause a massive reaction. As can going back on it. That was very bad advice from your hypnotherapist and I say that as somebody who works as a complementary therapist. I never advise to come off medication without their doctor's advice and if they are looking to come off any antidepressants it's always very slowly. It's probably a reaction to the meds so don't worry you will get back on track very soon. medication can make you feel very very strange indeed when you come on or off it so please remember you will feel better.

Hypnotherapy can be very useful for anxiety but quite possibly the therapist gave you bad advice.

Other things that I have found useful as I suffered from pnd and anxiety is mindfulness, talking to people and exercise. Trying to get enough sleep is also good but obviously very difficult with young ones! really hope you feel better soon.

Bexsymo Mon 11-Dec-17 22:05:15

Thankyou for replying. Yes it was very bad advice. He could tell I was uncomfortable with it and I kept telling him that I shouldn’t do it because of the medical side to it and withdrawal symptoms (which I now have). I’m hoping to feel better very soon. X

Bumplovin Mon 11-Dec-17 23:39:36

I was under the perinatal team while I was pregnant just because I've had depression in the past I genuinely thought I'd avoided pnd but think I may have had it a bit over the summer so about 8 months pp. so I think it can come on late. I'm sorry you have had bad advise I see a hypnotherapist sometimes but she's also a trained psychologist she'd never have advised me to come off meds I'd be tempted to look for somebody else. It sounds like you're having withdrawals from the mess I think it would be a good idea to contact your gp or the perinatal team so they can support you until the meds kick back in just because I've had withdrawals from meds in the past and I know how awful it can make you feel so don't want you to sufffer alone

Bexsymo Tue 12-Dec-17 08:02:05

Thanks for replying. I’ve contacted my gp and they’re going to get back to me today. At first the hypnotherapy seemed to be working. But, again, I shouldn’t have listened to him and just go cold turkey on my medication. Hoping they kick back in soon and I start feeling better. X

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