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Super sensitive gag reflex

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PinotAndPlaydough Thu 07-Dec-17 19:05:39

My 4yr old has a very sensitive gag reflex and recently it seems to be getting worse. Things that make her gag include-
Seeing poo or wee
Seeing bogies or snot
The sight, sound and smell of anyone else being sick
Seeing anyone else gag

Sometimes she will just gag and I can calm her down other times she will gag so much she vomits (and then gags more because she can see sick).
The other days she sneezed and because she has a cold snot came flying out and she threw up everywhere at soft play. It’s really starting to impact her life.

We saw the gp about 18 months ago, get gave us a spray which numbs the back of her throat but it didn’t really help as I couldn’t get it out in time when she started gagging and having something sprayed in her throat while gagging made her gag even more and made her upset.

Has anyone else dealt with similar, is she likely to grow out of it? Any tips on what I can do to help her?

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