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Post natal pain...

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BlakeCadesmummy Wed 06-Dec-17 23:14:03

Im 5 weeks post natal and after having my son i was right as rain cramps gone by the end of the first week bleeding stopped by the second... 2 weeks ago i started bleeding again and every day ive had the most painful cramps ive ever had id compare them to mid stage labour pains seriously as bad as contractions i find myself wishing i had gas and air i did have stitches both internal and external and did do some stuff on week 3 since bleeding had stopped and through pregnancy i just didnt feel like being touched could i have caused some damage to the stitches or is it something else

BlakeCadesmummy Wed 06-Dec-17 23:15:51

Also want to add the stitches externally at least had dissolved and i had no pain in the area they were done except a slight tenderness from the friction nothing more than i would expect for the first time after

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