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After Moviprep

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Sophiepie93 Wed 06-Dec-17 16:56:23

Hi guys, I'm new here but I had my colonoscopy and endoscopy yesterday after a dreaded day with Moviprep. No one warned me of what would happen the day after my procedure so naturally I'm panicking now!

After the procedure I was dreaming of all the nice things I can finally eat after a stupid 40 hour fast (my own bad planning). I got home and slowly made my way through a small but nice meal. Ever since then I've been in absolute agony with my stomach! I have been having the same bowel movements as when I was taking the dreaded Moviprep! I have extremely watery diarrhea mixed with the bright yellow bile and it's the day after the procedure. Haven't eaten since that last meal either!

Does anyone know if this is normal or I should be worried? If it's normal, when will it stop?

magimedi Wed 06-Dec-17 17:30:12

Sophie , I also had a colonoscopy yesterday!

The agony with your stomach is wind, as they blow air up there to widen your colon so they can see everything with the camera.

Mine has passed now (24 hours later) but it was uncomfortable for a bit.

I have only had a couple of bowel movements & mine are still soft & bright yellow.

From all I read & was told to me this is perfectly normal.

I feel bloody knackered but relieved that it is over.

If you don't feel like eating remember to drink plenty of water.

I have eaten but not a lot. Don't feel as hungry as I thought I would. After a clear out like that Ireckon it's going to take a couple of days for things to get back to normal.

My stomach is wonderfully flat though!

Her0utdoors Wed 06-Dec-17 17:46:47

Really sore tummy and lack of apitite here too, although with hindsight I may have also had a virus as DD had similar symptoms later in the week. Felt completely whipped out, even though I'd just had gas and air.

Sophiepie93 Wed 06-Dec-17 18:50:13

I didn't find it that bad, I also LOVED the gas and air 😂😂 and the whole of the recovery room farting as they came out kept me amused! I also lost 4 pounds overall which is a bonus 👍 I'm just absolutely hating the raw backside with 3 days of the runs! No matter how much Vaseline I use, it's not making it any easier! Thanks for the advice guys!

Her0utdoors Wed 06-Dec-17 20:08:23

Owch to the sore bum! I'm so glad I couldn't actually talk with the gas and air mouthpiece in my mouth, cos I would have totally embarrassed myself. My body so associates g&a with trying to push a baby out they had to take the stuff away for a bit because I was unconsciously pushing the camera back out....the farting was awesome grin

Her0utdoors Wed 06-Dec-17 20:09:29

Slightly gutted I didn't loose any weight though.

Sophiepie93 Thu 07-Dec-17 01:53:44

Haha I love gas and air! Although I do talk a lot of rubbish on it. When they weren't going round 'corners' in my bowel I started asking them if I was 'squeeky clean' and allsorts. I laughed when they took it out because I immediately farted 😂😂 most hilarious day of my life so far!

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