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Sore boob - should I be worried?

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noitsnotteatimeyet Wed 06-Dec-17 08:58:08

Yesterday I realised my left breast was very sore. There’s a tender lump above the nipple and a sort of dragging feeling going into my armpit as if I’ve pulled a muscle. The tender bit feels just like blocked milk ducts used to when I was breastfeeding but that stopped about 12 years ago so presumably can’t be that ... I had a mammogram last year and got recalled because of what turned out to be cysts. I don’t know if I’m anywhere near my period as I’ve had a mirena coil for years and years and don’t normally have lumpy breasts at any time of the month. I am presumably peri-menopausal but earlier this year I had blood tests repeated after 6 weeks which showed I was still not in the menopause.

Should I get this checked out straight away or wait a while to see if it settles down? I work in a health charity which may be skewing my anxiety levels ...

Polly99 Wed 06-Dec-17 09:01:58

I’d get that checked, not because I think it’s likely to be sinister, but because there’s no way of knowing what it is without someone with medical training taking a look.
Then if it is something that will self-resolve you won’t worry if it happens again.

Dodie66 Wed 06-Dec-17 09:11:04

I’d get t checked out if I were you. Better to be safe.

noitsnotteatimeyet Thu 07-Dec-17 09:42:37

It got much more painful over the course of yesterday so I saw the gp this morning. Probably an infection of some kind so I’m on antibiotics for a week but have also been referred to the breast clinic on a two week referral just in case.

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