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Sebaceous cyst on breast - it won't be anything else right?

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twentypence Fri 20-Apr-07 03:03:49

My GP said straight away - it's a Sebaceous Cyst, and he sounded so convinced and was so quick that I relaxed. He refered me to have it removed by a plastic surgeon.

When I called my insurance company to get an approval as soon as I said it was my breast the lady on the phone used what I can only describe as her "concerned and sympathetic low voice".

Now obviously my GP knows much more than a lady who approves medical insurance, however I can't get that change of voice out of my head.

Can't get it removed until June, even private!

MrsJohnCusack Fri 20-Apr-07 03:22:03


anyhow, I know a couple of people who have had these and yes, all fine, removed no problems. Lady was probably just covering her bets and possibly embarassed by the word 'breast' (it still happens)

fuchsia0703 Fri 20-Apr-07 12:25:08

I have had one of these for at least a couple of years. Got it checked by 2 different Drs who both said straight away .. yes it's on the surface .. no problems.. as it's quite small they don't want to remove it. Must admit that I do sometimes still worry .. in fact I was thinking recently that perhaps I'd get it checked again.

Tamdin Fri 20-Apr-07 12:31:35

Twenty pence i went to gp with lump in Breast when ds was about 8 months (was starting to wean off bf) they said it was prob a cyst but to wait 3 weeks to let milk totally go and then see if it was still there. I was too worried and went privately and it turned out to be a Galactacille (spelling ?) not a cyst (more like a blocked duct i think)which he drained in 2 seconds (totally painless). I know it's hard but try not to worry as in 90% of breast lump cases it turns out to be nothing. totally sympathise with your concern x

twentypence Fri 20-Apr-07 19:39:10

I've got another in my head and one in my jaw line, so that in a way is reassuring. But those ones are only feelable - not visible - whereas the breast one has to go as it could hide something else.

worriedmommy Mon 29-Apr-13 23:02:10

I know this posting is old, but I am currently going through the same situation. I noticed it appear about 2 weeks before I became pregnant, and finally got it looked at at about a month into my pregnancy. I have since been to the OB and to the breast specialist who insists that it is a sebaceous cyst. He has not done a biopsy, which I can only assume means that he is highly confident that he is correct. The bump was infected and after a course of antibiotics, the infection has cleared, but the bump remains! Does this bump ever go away? I have been to the specialist twice now and it looks like I will be continuing to go throughout my pregnancy. It just makes me nervous because there is a physical bump on my breast.

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