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Ongoing lower back pain

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ThreeLeggedCat Mon 04-Dec-17 20:44:03

I hurt my back in September. I eventually went to a chiropractor and saw him a few times. Decided it wasn’t worth seeing him again as it would sort the problem for a few days and then it will just recur. I’m now seeing a really good physiotherapist. I’ve had various days off work due to back pain and just recently have gone back to work after being signed off for two weeks due to back pain. So today I managed about three hours work but my back is really sore and my neck is aching again.

I’m really fed up because in the two weeks that I was signed off sick I did manage to get pain-free, although my back still felt tender and I don’t quite trust it not to ‘go’ again.

So where do I go from here? How long does it take people to get rid of lower back pain? My work are supportive but I very much feel like my back gets a bit better and then I go in and then it gets worse and then I go off sick again. I enjoy my job just want to be at work really. My work is a mixture of going out on visits and also office work. From today I’m concerned that desk work and computer work is actually causing pain . GP was nice but totally useless, suggested I go swimming (which I have been doing) but that’s not going to solve the actual problem. Has anybody had experience of this and how long did it take to sort out properly?

Ollivander84 Tue 05-Dec-17 00:33:51

Have they suggested what the cause might be? Pilates helped me a lot but again it depends what's actually causing it
Desk work - obviously correct posture but a standing desk if you can use one and regular breaks to walk around

Delatron Tue 05-Dec-17 14:12:32

A good physio would tell you what the problem was and normally how you may have done it. So many different causes of lower back pain but you need to find out why it happened and what to do to avoid it happening again.

Quite often (though not always) it can be down to a weak core not supporting the back properly. Or poor posture, too much sitting which results in tight muscles. Weak glutes are often a cause too.

Were you given exercises to do? When my back went I couldn't sit down for weeks. Do you have a desk job? Could this be aggravating it?

No Physio is going to be able to just make you better instantly. These things take time (mine took months). But you should have a clear plan
of what you can and can't do and a long term plan to stop it happening again.

Delatron Tue 05-Dec-17 14:14:57

Sorry seen part of your job is desk-bound. If this is causing the flare up then you need to work standing for now if possible. I had a lumbar cushion for driving. Keep moving.

Pilates is great but you need a teacher experienced in back problems.

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