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Calling paramedics and A&E staff

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AandEnamechange Mon 04-Dec-17 15:17:58

Hi, NC for this question due to details.
Am supporting my Aunt whose husband is currently in Intensive Care. He was taken to hospital while she was at work and she got a note through the door from the police saying which hospital he was in. It turned out he had been transferred there from the local, smaller hospital due to his injuries. We don't know how they found her details.
The new hospital has not been able to tell her anything about how and why he was taken to the first hospital. She doesn't know how he got hurt (or, secondary stuff, where certain possessions are).
He has had several operations to save his life and that is her focus.
I have emailed PALS at the first hospital to ask how she can get more info from them, as next of kin, but they say she can't be told anything and if the receiving hospital need anything else they will of course talk to them.
Is this usual? I know it's about patient confidentiality but he is unable to say what happened, we don't currently know how it is all going to pan out.
Can anyone say whether she has an avenue for finding out where/how he was found? While it is not top priority it could inform those caring for him because we are aware he was not recently in a positive state of mind.
Thank you for your help and if you recognise this story, please be kind, she would not want her business on the net.

LarkDescending Mon 04-Dec-17 23:33:25

Are there contact details for the police officer(s) who put the note through her door, in case they can shed any light?

PerfectlyDone Mon 04-Dec-17 23:37:19

Is she his Next of Kin?

I'd set up a meeting with the most senior clinician looking after him, ideally the consultant in charge of his care who should be in possession of a transfer letter from the 1st hospital.
Details of where he was found/how he was injured should be available in his records.

Are they worried about confidentiality?
Data governance and -protection is a hugely sensitive issue amongst medics currently and the fear of litigation seems to make common sense approaches much rarer.

I hope your uncle will be ok.

lovemylover Wed 06-Dec-17 10:29:07

This seems ridiculous if you aunt is his wife ,surely she has a right to know what has happened to her husband, unless he has requested them not to tell her
Never heard of this happening before

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