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What the hell has happened to my hip and how can I fix it?

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Sindri Mon 04-Dec-17 12:39:04

I woke on Saturday and thought I'd slept funny as my hip / top of my bum hurt. I was fine that day and I didn't sleep too badly but when I woke up yesterday it really hurt. I had to go out, and did a fair bit of walking (painful), and last night took some co-codamol before bed to help me sleep. I woke at 4.30am in pain, so took some more painkillers and eventually got back to sleep.

Today it has been painful (not taking tablets as would prefer them at night). If I sit cross legged it seems to ease (does that mean it's my glute?) but when I get up it really hurts. It's been getting progressively worse as the day goes on - i just got up to get lunch and could hardly move it from the pain! A muscle in my thigh has started spasming today. It doesn't hurt, but I'd imagine is related.

What on earth is it and how can I fix it?

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