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High and rising sediment blood test

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swapsicles Sun 03-Dec-17 22:21:55

I have had chronic hives for a few months now, mainly annoying more than anything but went to the gp to get checked out and that's what I have. Been given anti histamines and creams.
I also had a blood test which the only red flags were low MCH and high erythromycin sedimentation rate (31) e everything else was fine that I was tested for. (Thyroid, liver function, full blood count, GFR, renal, serum C and white cell count)
The GP repeated the sedimentation test only after 4 weeks and it's now 47. It should be 1 -12.
She sent me a letter to make a routine appointment which I've done for a couple of weeks time.
Dr Google is no help, it basically could be anything but rising so high so quickly is worrying.
I have had anemia before and that is one of the causes but so is several cancers.
Any thoughts on what happens next or is it one of those things, I'm hoping so!

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