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Cannabis Oil

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user1498320065 Sat 02-Dec-17 23:14:29

My lovely friend has stage 4 cancer.
She's been advised that cannabis Oil would be good for her but how do you get this given it's illegal?

maxthemartian Sun 03-Dec-17 14:33:43

It's not illegal as it's made from strains of cannabis with very low THC so they are classified as hemp.
She can order from CBD Brothers in the UK. Tell her to explain what she wants it for and ask for samples which they are generous with.
If she joins the Facebook group CBD Consumer Group UK/EU she will get some excellent advice.
I am sorry she is so ill.

EllenRipley Mon 04-Dec-17 12:33:11

CBD oil isn't illegal, it has no or very low levels of THC which is the psychoactive part of cannabis. My friend has been using it for inoperable bladder cancer, oncologist is astonished at how much his tumour has shrunk, even with chemo, to the extent that they now think they can cure it. He's convinced it's down to the oil. I've just bought some for my dad who has prostate cancer from a lab called Flora Fusions. There's several reputable CBD oil manufacturers in the UK. I'm so sorry to hear about your friend. The oil is definitely worth trying.

Redisthemagicolour Mon 04-Dec-17 12:43:58


This stuff is amazing. Someone in my house has it to control epileptic seizures.

You can actually buy t in Holland and Barrett although that we will a weaker version.

It's worth a try. It can't do any harm and it's not illegal.

Bloomed Mon 04-Dec-17 12:59:40

What kinds of strengths should be used for cancer?

dahliaaa Tue 05-Dec-17 14:56:44

Ellen have you bought a specific one for you dad ?

dahliaaa Tue 05-Dec-17 14:57:26

(DH has advanced PC and I'm just starting to look at oil as possibility )

EllenRipley Tue 05-Dec-17 16:18:05

I got a 30ml bottle/1200mg for my dad from a company called Flora Fusions. My friend takes 1ml of that a day. I'm a bit confused about dosage tbh, was thinking of giving it a try myself for general health but I've no idea where to start!

EllenRipley Tue 05-Dec-17 16:20:07

Ah just saw what you said about your DH, sorry to hear that. I've asked to join the CBD Facebook group that someone mentioned so I'm hoping I can ask those in the know. It's worth a bit of research @dahliaaa x

maxthemartian Tue 05-Dec-17 16:54:00

@EllenRipley it may take a few days to get added as they get a lot of requests but it's a fantastic resource.

In terms of dosage, advice is always to start low and slow although unfortunately there's no real consistency across the products so it's figuring out what that is!
It takes a few weeks to wake your endocannabinoid system up and going in with too high an initial dose can produce converse results, anyone starting out you'll want to work up to where you feel relief and then stick to that.

dahliaaa Wed 06-Dec-17 00:08:24

Thanks for all the info Ellen

EllenRipley Wed 06-Dec-17 12:46:21

@dahliaaa you're welcome, best wishes to you and your husband. I'd def recommend that Facebook group, I've officially joined and it looks like you'll get lots of useful info.
Thanks @maxthemartian!
Does 1ml p/d seem like a low dose to you? I'm thinking that's all I could afford anyway, I can make one £80 bottle last a month that way! Didn't realise there was such a complex world of CBD oil out there...

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