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Tired eyes

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Itscurtainsforyou Sat 02-Dec-17 21:10:23

I've had tired eyes for about 2 weeks now. It gets worse about 8pm and I struggle to keep them open. It doesn't improve if I have more sleep.
I'm getting weepy eyes at night - I spoke to a pharmacist about eye drops but said bathing in water would have the same effect. But that was a week ago and no improvement yet.

I've booked a dr appt at the end of the week but wondering if anyone had any bright ideas in the meantime ?

sparkler10 Sat 02-Dec-17 21:19:05

An optician could be more appropriate. I had something similar and I needed glasses, which made a huge difference.

peachypops Sat 02-Dec-17 21:26:41

Oooh def Book to see an optician rather than GP. And I’m sure you know this but if you wear contact lenses stop wearing them till you’ve seen the optician.

Itscurtainsforyou Sat 02-Dec-17 22:19:29

Hmm you might be right. I wear glasses for reading/driving etc but it doesn't help if I wear them more. I might give the local one a call.

Justalittlelemondrizzle Sat 02-Dec-17 22:47:14

I had this accompanied by blurry vision. Went to the doctors after a few days as it was getting worse and they sent me to the eye hospital immediately.
Turns out I had severely dry eyes. They couldnt tell me why but did tell me that it was a good job I saw them when I did as if left untreated it could have scratched my eyes causing irriverable damage.
They gave me some drops that I used for a week and haven't had any problems since. This was about two years ago.
Very weird!

MulhuddartDrive Sat 02-Dec-17 23:00:01

Are you low on potassium? I usually ear a banana with my breakfast and find if I miss it for a few days my eyes get very sore, tired and itchy.

Itscurtainsforyou Sat 02-Dec-17 23:04:33

That's worrying, mine are a bit blurred first thing but I can usually blink it away.

delilahbucket Sat 02-Dec-17 23:05:55

Do you wear makeup?

toomuchfaster Sat 02-Dec-17 23:07:58

I've found mine are worse after too much screen time. Have you a blue light filter and is it turned on? ( This has made realise mine isn't!!)

underneaththeash Sun 03-Dec-17 08:34:36

Your first port of call should be to have an eye test, you may just need some new glasses. They can also check for conditions such as dryness or infections. In the meantime, I would get some drops that are good for dry eyes - Theoloz Duo are a good brand, they contain stuff that is good for both a aqueous(water) deficient dry eye and a lipid (fat)deficient one.

Whilst its significantly more likely to be an infection or dryness (or both), there is a very rare condition that causes droopy eyelids, but you would have other symptoms as well. Are your lids actually drooping down?

Itscurtainsforyou Mon 04-Dec-17 11:36:37

Thanks for all your input. I don't have droopy eyes but they feel very heavy at the end of the day/if I've been looking at a screen for too long.

I've bought some eye drops (the pharmacist said they were the ones that doctors prescribe) and booked an appointment at the opticians for Wednesday. I'm also a bit worried as I'm due to have my diabetic eye screening so hoping there's nothing untoward in that department.

Not sure if the eye drops are making any difference yet (but it's only been 24 hours).

Itscurtainsforyou Mon 04-Dec-17 11:37:31

One more thing - if this just came on out of nowhere is it more likely to be an infection rather than something more serious (clutching at straws here...)?

butterfly198615 Mon 04-Dec-17 18:42:53

My son has dry eyes he was 8 when he was diagnosed with it at the opticians. His school kept telling me he needed glasses so I kept taking him the options he went when he was younger but couldn't really.explain what was happening with his eyes but when he went age 8 he could tell the optician what was happening. So she did a test for dry eyes and this is what the problem was. She told us to get some eye drops called hypermelous from the chemist or we could have them.on a prescription but they are only £1.60. I just ask for dry eyes drops and check it has the ingredient in. As some you get in the shops have different things in them that don't work.

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