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Hida Scan - has anyone had one

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Oncandystripedlegs Sat 02-Dec-17 14:20:19

Hi , after a clear ultrasound for suspected gallstones I have been referred for a hida scan. If anyone has had one , would you mind sharing what it was like and what did it reveal? I have attacks of agonising pain every couple of months that wake up at night and go on for several hours . It starts below my right rib cage and goes right into my back and feels like somebody I'm crushing my ribs . I have cut out most fat/dairy and bread as all seem to be triggers.
I seem to have lessened the number of attacks but am on edge waiting for the next occurrence .

Oncandystripedlegs Mon 04-Dec-17 17:56:20

Would be great if anyone could talk me through it !

Chamber587 Tue 20-Feb-18 20:33:06

Hey did you have time our HIDA? I’ve just seen my consultant who’s referring me for one as he doesn’t think think the gallbladder is functioning properly! Just wondered the outcome of yours?

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