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Happy dentist story!

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Ollivander84 Sat 02-Dec-17 02:21:44

I've seen a few posts about dentist phobia so thought I would post, having been massively phobic in the past and still wary

On a bottom tooth near my gum line I've had a brown notch for years. Nothing wrong but it bothered me every time I looked at it. Anyway I voluntarily shock booked to have something done about it, my dentist nearly fell off his chair

Went in and saw the woman who usually does my hygienist appointments. She did the numbing gel as usual but held it on to my gum. Two injections and no lie, I didn't feel a thing except that nice spreading numbness, no pain at all. About 20 seconds drilling, and a long time with mouth open so she could fix things but no discomfort

Result - I had some type of cosmetic bonding done, and it is insane! I can't tell where it ends and my tooth starts, so so pleased with it. Took around 45 mins altogether and I listened to my iPod

My photos are all posting sideways hmm but I'll add a before and after (before is finger pointing at brown notch)

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