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New home tresspass and vandals affecting my health

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Bamboogie86 Thu 30-Nov-17 21:58:34

Hi everyone, I am not sure if I am posting in the correct section. Hopefully I am.
I recently purchased an ex council flat on ground floor, block of 6. Block is in a cul de sac type setting. This is my first purchased home, I rented for years and finally managed to get this place. Loved it from the moment I seen it advertised.
I am 30 and live alone but my partner comes and stays a few times per week. I do have a chronic illness (multiple surgeries etc) and don't keep very well and buying a home has been stressful and I have put my all into it. Although I look okay, I'm not and I am a vert anxious person on top of my illness.

The block is mixed with council tenants and home owners. Been there two months, met majority of neighbours who all seem nice.

I own my front garden and have double doors which were once windows out onto the garden. It is fenced all around and is not communal. I also have a driveway with gates at the other side of the garden and again all of this is in the deeds to the flat.
There is a small gate near the entrance of the block with secure entry, I never use this as I use my double doors at front. Previous owner had the gate padlocked but it was unlocked when I moved.
One day my car was parked in the drive and two delivery men carried a fridge out of the communal block enterance and went through my gate, through the garden, down my drive and on to the street. They had ro squeeze past my car and the fridge nearly landed on the car.
I then noticed the gate was open a few times and I realised neighbours are using my garden as a short cut, saving themselves all of ten steps to take the communal path. They have no need to be in my garden and it is not communal.
So my partner cable tied the gate up a few weeks ago and all was well.

However, today someone has cut the cable ties and thrown them into my garden and left the gate open.

On top of that the back garden (IS communal) and someone has been stubbing out cigarettes on my kitchen window frame,the windows are new and are now covered in fag burns.

I haven't seen anyone do this so they are doing it when im not in the house.
I recently had a burglar alarm fitted and a few people have suggested cctv looking on to my drive and the back window etc and padlocking with a chain on the gate.

I feel really worried about this, I honestly keep myself to myself and couldn't bare having fights with neighbours over such things. Especially with my health. I feel them cutting the cable ties and leaving the gate open is brazen.

Was I wrong for cable tieing my gate up? I also have relatives dogs and young kids that will be using the garden from time to time and don't want them getting out of a gate thats been left wide open.

This is already affecting my health and my heart condition has been flaring up badly due to the anxiety.

westridingpauperlunaticasylum Thu 30-Nov-17 22:17:45

I would get a chain on the fence (bit more of a challenge than cable ties) and invest in the cctv. Once you have the evidence of who is damaging your property you can address it with the council if they are council tenants and the police regardless of if they are private or council as it's criminal damage what they are doing. I hope you get this sorted out. Home should be your safe place.

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