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Really need a GP’s opinion on this! Pleeeease! *** PIC ATTACHED ***

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HouseOfMinnie Thu 30-Nov-17 20:02:53

I have Chronic Idiopathic Urticaria with Angioedema and it’s quite severe. I’m having a flare up and yesterday morning woke up with these swellings on my forehead. They have now massively reduced in size since then but are still there a little. Is this likely to be connected to the Urticaria/angioedema or would you think it’s unrelated? Please help.

HouseOfMinnie Thu 30-Nov-17 20:03:37

Doctors appointment booked but can’t see GP until next week.

HouseOfMinnie Thu 30-Nov-17 21:15:23


HouseOfMinnie Thu 30-Nov-17 21:58:38

If anyone has any knowledge on this, please help. I’m literally at breaking point with this now. I’ve suffered for over 20 years and it just gets worse and worse.

claraschu Thu 30-Nov-17 22:01:08

Bumping for you, but it sounds like you need to see a doctor tomorrow sad.
(Sorry I am not a doctor, so can't help.)

Hulder Thu 30-Nov-17 22:04:41

As I've said on your previous posts, you need to be managed by a specialist immunologist not your GP. Ask for a referral.

HouseOfMinnie Thu 30-Nov-17 22:05:58

I saw a doctor 2 days ago about my current flare up. I’ve had bloods done etc. I just hoped someone on here may have some medical knowledge and could hopefully reassure me that this can happen with Urticaria/angioedema. Thanks for the bump clara

HouseOfMinnie Thu 30-Nov-17 22:06:52

I’ve been referred to an allergy clinic (one of the best aoparently), but I haven’t got my appointment through yet.

Whisky2014 Thu 30-Nov-17 22:10:28

My partner has hereditary angioedema and I've seen his hands and feet swell up. I showed him your pic and he said he didn't know but to go to a dr. I think it could be related. Do you take anything? Partner is prescribed danazol.

Hulder Thu 30-Nov-17 22:13:07

So glad you have been referred - at last!

And yes, you can have bumps anywhere.

HouseOfMinnie Thu 30-Nov-17 22:17:15

Thanks for the support hulder. I know I should feel positive now that I have the referral but I just feel like giving up. It’s a huge blight on my life and to have been told it’s most likely I’ll always have this and it’ll likely get worse is just extremely depressing. I know there are many people who are worse off so I feel very selfish saying that and I do have loads to be grateful for but I’m just struggling to move forward while it feels like this is dragging me back sad

Hulder Thu 30-Nov-17 22:50:55

There is a difference between always having a condition and always having it but never having had the right treatment.

If you have never been to immunology or dermatology presumably you've just had antihistamines and not much else.

Although I don't know much about it, even the NHS Choices site shows there is more available than that. I know when I had chronic urticaria I got so much out of seeing a specialist that my GP couldn't have done, and mine was way milder than yours.

I really have my fingers crossed for you.

Ollivander84 Sat 02-Dec-17 02:35:02

Hopefully the specialist can help. Handhold here, I have chronic cholinergic urticaria (20 years now) and dermographism, it's been one of the most frustrating things I have had

I saw an urticaria specialist who was really good at Salford hospital and they did loads of tests and tried different meds etc at a much higher dosage than the GP did

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