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Roaccutane - how long did your initial breakout last?

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InitialBreakoutHelp Thu 30-Nov-17 13:59:01

I've been on Roaccutane for about 10 days of a 21-week course - was started on 20mg for the first four days and then upped to my recommended dose of 40mg after that.

At the moment my skin's starting to get dry as expected and I've had a nosebleed (nice). I've also come out with several new spots which are really big, red and sore - I understand that this is part of the process and to be expected. However, I can't cover them up very well because my skin is so dry!

Just wondering when this delightful stage is likely to be over - does anyone have any experiences of how long their IB lasted? When did you start to see an improvement in your skin? smile

Mooonie Fri 01-Dec-17 03:22:21

Took me three weeks to get over the break out- I felt better in myself within a month and 2 months later people were commenting on how epic my face looked.

You need to be one with moisturiser:/ I remember the best thing though was. Never having to wash my hair ever as it didn't get greasy, I did wash it once a week but that was enough.

I found oilatum in the bath helped with dryness, and blistex intensive cream covered by Vaseline on the lips, Vaseline inside the nose helped stop nosebleeds smile and if you're still on it in spring, do not assume that clouds mean no sunburn :/ i burnt to a crisp on a bright cloudy day!

MrSnrubYesThatsIt Fri 01-Dec-17 06:10:33

Stick with it. I did it 10 years ago and I'm still benefiting from the great overall results. My skin is a million times better.

I had nosebleeds, sore heels, cracked lips and hands. You name it, I had it. The works.

All worth it though and I would do it all again.

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