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Extraction yesterday, bleeding today

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gruffaloshmuffalo Thu 30-Nov-17 04:34:49


I had my upper wisdom tooth taken out yesterday about 11.30, easy extraction it took less than 5 mins.

I bit down on the gauze for 15 mins as instructed, ate and drank about 6pm for tj first time. No issues at all then. I ate and drank where possible with my head tilted so that everything was on the other side iyswim.

About five mins ago I was lying in bed and it felt like a clot of blood was in my mouth. I've had a feel with my tongue to the side of the extraction point and can feel something fleshy hanging around, I think it could be the blood clot? My mouth doesn't hurt anymore than it has already been doing, a little sharper kinda pain, but I'm having o swallow more often as it feels like I'm producing loads of saliva. Whenever I swallow I can feel the extraction point being tugged.

Is this normal or should I go back and see the dentist when it opens?

BellatrixLestrangleyou Thu 30-Nov-17 04:40:01

I had this when my tooth was extracted itd just a blood clot forming to heal the socket try not to prod it with your tongue or get any food or liquid near it if it falls out you could end up with a dry socket which i pretty serious

gruffaloshmuffalo Thu 30-Nov-17 04:44:12

So it's normal for this to happen at this stage?

That's a relief! I was told it's not very common to get dry socket in upper extraction sites but doesn't mean I'm not totally aware of what's going on. I'd like to be able to eat normally without stressing if it's gonna aggravate the area

Helbelle75 Thu 30-Nov-17 04:59:04

I had a lower wisdom tooth out last month and had exactly this. Mine continued to bleed as well. I went back to the dentist the next day and he said it was ok and if I had a dry socket , I'd know about it.

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