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Bleeding every fortnight

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Shoegal0305 Wed 29-Nov-17 17:24:33

Hi all, I'm nearly 46, always been fairly healthy, apart from severe anxiety, usually health related.

So 2 years ago I was diagnosed with an ovarian cyst after a short bout of irregular bleeding. Referred to gynae was scanned every 3 months and eventually discharged as cyst was fluid filled and not 'scary'. Bear in mind that due to my anxieties you'd have though I'd been handed a death sentence! Also be aware my biggest fear in the whole wide world is the thought of having to have a general anaesthetic (never had one but PETRIFIED of the thought!).

Also I got told I had a fibroid.

All ok since apart from the last 7-8 months periods been sketchy to say the least!! Can go months without one. Also get hot flushes, brain fog etc and other symptoms associated with being peri menopausal. sad the last month I've had two periods and they've been mega heavy, soaking thru a super plus tampon in an hour and a half. Without sounding disgusting, it's bright red blood and no clots.

I KNOW I need to see GP but I'm scared in case he suggests hysterectomy? Or is my anxiety making me jump the gun?!!!

Sorry it's long winded!!! confused

EthelOnTheTown Wed 29-Nov-17 17:42:33

If you can go months without having a period your gp certainly wouldn't recommend a hysterectomy on the basis of 2 recent heavy periods.
I'm afraid it all just sounds classic peri menopausal symptoms.
All you can do is try some relaxation techniques to address your severe health anxiety, maybe CBT? If extremely heavy periods continue yes obviously get checked out, but in our mid/late forties periods do tend to go haywire.

Shoegal0305 Wed 29-Nov-17 18:12:50

Thank you Ethel. My fear lies in the fear I felt when I was diagnosed with a cyst. I was terrified I'd have to undergo a surgery. I'm guessing I'm scared now in case the heavy bleeding is due to fibroids? And I have to have them removed? X

EthelOnTheTown Wed 29-Nov-17 18:26:37

Yes if it continues you may but at the moment with only 2 recent heavy bleeds it could well settle down again.
I know it isn't easy not to worry and any health problems are stressful but honestly, sometimes the anxiety causes more health problems than the actual initial concern.
Just keep an eye on it, keep calm and keep telling yourself that you will cope with it even if you do need any treatment. It may just be fluctuating hormones that could settle down. Obviously if you also become tired, dizzy etc then get to your gp. Good luck.

Shoegal0305 Wed 29-Nov-17 18:32:14

Again thank you Ethel. Just wondered if anyone been thru similar and what their outcomes were?

I've already diagnosed myself with all sorts of terminal illnesses. Agreed the anxiety makes things 100 times worse xx

EllenRipley Wed 29-Nov-17 23:59:04

I've had a small fibroid for years and had a cyst removed last year. As far as I know, surgery for fibroids is only recommended if they're very problematic e.g very heavy bleeding/ persistent pain. It really just sounds like you're (like me! Also 46) typically perimeno. I think I ended up with a cyst because my hormones are out of whack and like you I've had either irregular (incl fortnightly!) or no periods for months - so god knows what my hormones are doing! Loads of other peri symptoms too like hot flushes, UTIs etc. When things start to go haywire it can make you anxious (which in itself is a peri symptom). Im completely thrown by not having a period, it's very strange. So don't panic! If you have a history of cysts/fibroids it might be worth asking your GP for a referral to get a scan just to make sure your crazy hormones aren't causing them to grow a bit. And even if that were the case, the usual protocol is to watch and wait. Hoo-fecking-rah for the menopause eh?! X

PollyPerky Thu 30-Nov-17 08:16:18

If anything, you need help, or self help for your anxiety! Sorry to be blunt. Maybe try some free online CBT exercises?

I had a cyst like yours in my early 50s and was scanned every 3 months for 2 years. It went away on its own. I also have a small fibroid. I've had it for over 10 years and it doesn't even appear to have grown with HRT. Both of these things are really common - cysts and fibroids- most women have one or the other or both and do not die from them or have operations.

Did you know that 50% of women have a fibroid? They don't all cause problems. Mine never has.

The bleeding is due to your hormones and peri.
No dr would do a major operation for 2 heavy periods like this. What you could try are various drugs which reduce the bleeding, or have a Mirena coil fitted. If the bleeding was really bad they could do an ablation.

Hysterectomy is a bit 'old hat' now. They are only done when every other option has been tried.

The only reason to see you GP is if you want some treatment for the heavy bleeding which would be for drugs - which you can buy OTC anyway (or the coil, which you can't.)

SomeBananasAreStillGreen Thu 30-Nov-17 08:27:03

I saw a doctor for the same sort of thing a few weeks ago. I know this is too much information, I am bleeding WAY more than you, and also every two weeks. I can barely leave the house for a couple of days when this happens, I leak, even with a super size moon cup plus night time towel. Tampons don't work at all any more. I don't have the cyst or any fibroids.

My doctor, who is also a gynaecologist, says this is just perimenopause. There is absolutely no question of a hysterectomy. I'm currently waiting to have a mirena coil fitted. smile

Shoegal0305 Thu 30-Nov-17 10:45:02

Thank you all for your kind comments, none of them at all blunt it's what I need to hear. I agree the anxiety does take hold a lot. Xx

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