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Sore feet - help!

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Cantthinkofanoriginalname1 Wed 29-Nov-17 08:07:53

Does anyone have any remedies for sore feet? My son has just got a job working in a cafe/bar/restaurant from 9am until 5.30. Unfortunately , for him, he's unused to such physicality! He spent the last 5 years at College and Uni in trainers sat at a computer , now he's on his feet in formal shoes for 8 hours.It was his first day yesterday and he could barely walk home. I got him to soak his feet for an hour then rub moisturiser in them and put some foam insoles in his shoes.But this morning he has literally hobbled off to catch the bus and he has 4 more days to do!Just wondered if anybody had any brilliant home remedies? I'm at work all day in a rural location so can't get to any shops. Is there anything I could add to a hot water soak? Any ideas great fully received!

Dozer Wed 29-Nov-17 23:02:27

Ouch! Poor lad. I well remember the pain of sore feet in jobs like that.

Painkillers, and if possible within the uniform code comfier shoes. Exercises for plantar fasciatis might be good even if he doesn’t have the condition.

Dozer Wed 29-Nov-17 23:03:01

Foot massage?

tilligan Thu 30-Nov-17 17:55:00

Sounds crazy but it does work- rub Vic into feet then soak in bowl of water ( hot as he can manage)!

Cantthinkofanoriginalname1 Fri 01-Dec-17 10:01:16

Thank you , we did try some different shoes and I have been getting him to soak his feet every night in hot water and salt but hes still in agony - the soles of his feet are white from all the blisters! I have the day off today so I'll go and buy some Vicks and he can try that. Poor boy can barely walk and he doesn't get a day off until Sunday to recouperate!

Dozer Fri 01-Dec-17 12:28:37


On the upside it might inspire him to work hard towards better work: it did that for me!

anywinewilldonow Fri 01-Dec-17 17:40:30

Can you put shock absorbing insoles in the shoes? And Compeed on any individual blisters?

Cantthinkofanoriginalname1 Fri 01-Dec-17 23:32:07

Thanks Dozer , actually he has spent the last 6 months searching for jobs in his field but absolutely nothing! He signed up with a few recruitment agencies who were all very positive about his appearance, attitude,interview skills and C.V but still had no offers due to that vicious cycle of no experience which he can't get if no-one offers him a job! So tonight he has popped the biggest blisters I've ever seen on the balls of his feet , soaked them in hot water with epsom salts and has just gone to bed to cover his feet with Vicks. He also has some painkillers to take to work tomorrow but he is seriously worried he won't be able to work because of the pain. I'm just hoping he can get through tomorrow and a rest on Sunday will help him recover.
He has memory foam insoles in his shoes.

TonicAndTonic Fri 01-Dec-17 23:44:52

Maybe try gel insoles instead of foam ones? I find the gel ones better, maybe also ones with a bit of arch support as low arches can make feet sore after a lot of standing up.

BikeRunSki Fri 01-Dec-17 23:53:35

When this batch of blisters is cured, soak his feet in surgical spirit, it will help toughen them up.

Ginfiend Sat 02-Dec-17 00:00:35

I’ve worked in hospitality for years, and have seen a lot of people getting used to this kind of work.
Whilst I’ve heard (and know) about sore feet, especially when you’ve been in holiday and have to get back in the swing, I’ve never heard about anyone having huge blisters. That’s definitely not normal. Achey sore feet yes. Blisters on the bottom. No.

What shoes is he wearing?

Are us feet extra sweaty? Is this what is causing the running? What socks is he wearing?

Get him to wipe his feet over with surgical spirit once in the morning.
Spray with antiperspirant.

But most of all get some decent shoes. If you can, get two pairs. Change halfway through.

9-5 is honestly an easy shift in hospitality. A split shift could be 10-4 6-midnight so he should be able to get used to it very quickly.

Get him to roll a can or deodorant can under the soles of his feet. Or a frozen water bottle.

But biggest thing is the shoes. There definitely shouldn’t be huge blisters.

ShotsFired Sat 02-Dec-17 00:19:18

I would be considering bandages on his feet till the blisters heal, to prevent the rubbing movement. Kinesiology tape similar thing (but might stick to the blisters!!)

He needs better shoes too. Boots might work - my OH has a lovely smart pair of brogue boots he wears in winter with his suit.

Synecdoche Sat 02-Dec-17 01:54:30

Another vote for a foot soak in surgical spirit. Ballet dancers do this to toughen up their feet.

Cantthinkofanoriginalname1 Sat 02-Dec-17 08:01:22

Thank you everyone. Honestly one blister was so big it looked like a second toe! At first look I was wondering how he could get such a big blister between his toes then on the second look I realised the blister started on the underside of his foot, at the base of his toes but was so big it came up between his toes. Part of me thinks he needs to suck it up , plenty of people are on their feet all day,he's had it easy for the last few years - now this is reality. But as his mum , I feel so sorry for him being in so much pain and feeling so dejected over it.
I was wondering if gel insoles might be better. He was wearing thin socks but then I suggested he tried thicker socks as they might give a little more protection and limit the friction of his feet moving about in his shoes. His first pair of shoes were normal formal shoes that he wears to weddings etc but as well as the soles being sore they were hurting the back of his heels so I bought him a pair of brogue style suede boots too. These stopped the rubbing on the back of his heels so he's continued to wear them.
Is the surgical spirit footsoak pure surgical spirit or diluted? He has been soaking his feet everynight but then a friend mentioned this might be making things worse as we are effectively softening his feet every night?

Dozer Sat 02-Dec-17 08:08:08

(Black?) running socks that are double layered could help reduce blisters, DH got bad blisters from long distance running and swore by them, but it does sound extreme as another poster says. Poor DS.

Is voluntary work (in addition to this paid work) an option to build his CV and increase his chances of getting a job closer to his desired field?

Cantthinkofanoriginalname1 Sat 02-Dec-17 10:40:42

Funny enough Dozer after the first few months of no job offers we did have a plan that he'd find a part-time job and do voluntary work in his field to get experience. But the companies he contacted either don't take volunteers(!?!) or just never got back to him. Then this opportunity of paid work came up,after endless job applications, so he grabbed it.
Off to Google double layered running socks!

Ginfiend Sat 02-Dec-17 23:46:20

He might find it useful to change his shoes half way through his shift (if he’s got two pairs)
It sounds like he’s wearing new shoes - I’m sure they just need breaking in if they’re shoes he’s only worn for a few hours at a wedding before, or just bought. Give it a couple of days and he’ll be fine.
I used to wipe my feet with surgical spirit and it worked.
Is he flat footed? Has he got enough arch support?

cherrytree63 Sun 03-Dec-17 09:20:09

I'd recommend getting shoes half to one size too big to accommodate any swelling. Also two pairs of thin socks (preferably the sport type which are actually left and right, as opposed to the squarer toe type).
I had horrific blisters from new boots in my teens, which led to athletes foot and fungal toe nails!
It's not easy at work but is it possible for him to wash his feet in his break and put fresh socks/shoes on?
I always found that very soothing.

Cantthinkofanoriginalname1 Sun 03-Dec-17 10:02:10

Thank you everyone! Friday night seemed to be the crisis point , he was nearly in tears saying he didn't see how he could work as he was in such pain. So as I said , we popped the blisters with a sterile pin ,soaked his feet in epsom salts and then he smothered his feet in Vicks vapour rub before bed. The next morning his feet was so much better ,he could actually walk rather than hobble/limp. He worked his busiest shift yet , lots of Christmas parties, and came back with a smile on his face! Not sure what part made the difference - popping the blisters,epsom salts or the Vicks , but I've never seen such a difference. He even went to the pub with his friends last night to celebrate his first week which he had previously cancelled as he thought he wouldn't be up to it. So thank you to everyone for your suggestions!

Synecdoche Sun 03-Dec-17 14:49:55

Good news! When the blisters have healed soak in surgical spirit to harden the skin so he doesn't have to go through all this again!

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