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MaggieW Mon 01-Jul-02 14:13:33

Can anyone recommend a natural toothpaste which doesn't contain saccharin please? The only ones on the shelves seem to be crammed full of all sorts of nasties.

PamT Mon 01-Jul-02 14:28:23

You could just brush with bicarbonate of soda (yuck), alternatively try some of the health food shops, I know that there are a lot of environmentally friendly and vegan toothpastes (and even toothbrushes) available. I think might actually sell them (they also do vegan condoms because normal ones are made with milk derivatives! Now that's a conversation stopper isn't it? ) Somebody is bound to say I have a one track mind now, but it all comes down to unsuspected additives which is important when you have a child on a restricted diet.

SueDonim Mon 01-Jul-02 15:12:04

Weleda do a variety of toothpastes made from natural ingredients. Not sure if they have a website, or a good chemist should be able to supply. HTH

batey Mon 01-Jul-02 18:23:11

Check out "Green People" website, they probably do one.

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