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Endometriosis...any info welcome!

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Emily100889 Tue 14-Nov-17 21:26:01


Long story short, trying been TTC for 3 years, all bloods/ovulating is fine, hubby's sperm all fine so now being referred for HYCOSY.

However, I also had possible Endo mentioned by a nurse as one of my ovaries couldn't be found on an internal (dildo looking) scan.

My question is, does anyone have endo and what are your symptoms?

I started my periods very young, age 10. They were hideous so by 13 was on the pill. I came off the pill 3 years ago (age 25) so was on it for a while. Since then periods are still quite painful (but nothing too bad) for a few days before I come on but they are quite light. Do these symptoms sound likely?!

All info incredibly welcome smile

Caulk Tue 14-Nov-17 21:29:08

My boss has it. She needs a long time to get ready in the morning and otherwise she throws up. She’s not able to lift anything heavy or do exercise that uses her stomach muscles.

Dee03 Tue 14-Nov-17 21:39:19

Yes I have it, I'm 44 now but found out I had it at 22 when trying for a family.....back then I had hardly any periods but was ovulating so went in for a lap n dye, then got pregnant the following month....then the endometriosis came back so 2 yrs later had another lap n dye and got pregnant straight after and same happened again with son number 3...
The only thing that helped was being on the pill....the symptoms off of it were awful...greasy hair/skin, cramping, very painful boobs mood swings etc....I've been begging for a hysterectomy for 15 yrs but they won't let me have one angry

Dee03 Tue 14-Nov-17 21:41:10

Oh and sex was painful but as I've been been single for a long time I wouldn't know if that was still the case grin

Emily100889 Tue 14-Nov-17 21:52:15

Thanks for all the useful info! Congrats on your children, great to hear it didn't stop you conceiving!

We're your cramps/sore boobs only around AF?

I get very sore boobs but only a few days prior to AF arriving. Did you gave the Lap and dye on the NHS? What are waiting times like?

I have an appointment tomorrow so hopefully doctor will refer me. We're you diagnosed using a lap?

Sorry for all the questions! X

Dee03 Tue 14-Nov-17 22:02:01

It's hard to remember really as it was a long time ago...I know my dr referred me to the hospital for investigation and that's when I was told I had endometriosis....don't think I waited long at all really for the lap n dye's...I had a really good dr back then (he's retired now) so each time I wanted another baby I would go and complain about the painful sex and cramps etc and he'd refer me for the lap n dye....

I had the cramping/painful boobs for at least 2 weeks every month I seem to recall.
I would love to not be on any contraception but I just can't live with all that pain and discomfort....

Dee03 Tue 14-Nov-17 22:02:38

Good luck for tomorrow x

Dynamodopey Wed 15-Nov-17 19:47:23

I was diagnosed with quite advanced endometriosis (stage 4) by accident really. I went in for a laparoscopy as I was having a lot of pain, bleeding and have fibroids. Anyway after the procedure the doctor came to see me and said I had quite a lot of adhesions (or whatever they’re known as) and they were surprised I had such little symptoms.

I have a lot of issues but can’t seem to differentiate what is causing me problems. To name a few, I have a lot of pain in my stomach, pain/bleeding during/after sex, my stomach can become so swollen I look 6 months pregnant, I bleed whenever I exercise or stand for too long,bleeding randomly throughout month . Now I don’t know which is caused my fibroids (largest about 10cm) and what is the Endo.

Dynamodopey Wed 15-Nov-17 19:51:31

Sorry in answer to your question I get VERY sore boobs about 2weeks before AF to the point where taking my bra off for a shower is torture (sorry tmi)

My understanding is that endometriosis can only be confirmed via a laparoscopy. In the past I’d had numerous scans before the Endo was diagnosed and it was never mentioned

hollowtree Thu 16-Nov-17 01:17:59

Had chronic endo since 14, diagnosed at 24 so 10 years suffering and my ovaries had fused to my pelvis in that time. Surgery removed most of it, lasered apart my ovaries and I had my first DC in September of this year!

Also had PCOS, keep trying. Even with endo you can get lucky like I did xx

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