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Low Grade Glioma

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MyfanwyMontez Tue 14-Nov-17 17:40:55

I have just been diagnosed with a low grade glioma. This was just discovered after 3 years of being treated as a stroke. After several consultations with stroke doctor, I was referred for a MRI . He did not think symptoms I was presenting seemed like a stroke. I was , and still am having seizures.

Anyway, the scan showed a tumour . Luckily, it does seem stable and looks to be benign on the face of it. I had a full body scan 2 weeks ago but not heard anything about that as yet . I have also been referred to a neurosurgeon but have not heard anything about that either.
I'm not too worried but I feel I should have asked more questions.Does anyone have any experience of this?

BlackSwan Wed 15-Nov-17 20:49:54

Sorry to hear your about your diagnosis. No experience of glioma, but my son had a brain tumour which required surgery and then radiation. From that experience what I would definitely recommend is that regardless of what treatment route you pursue (or don't, if the plan is to watch and wait) you get second opinions from different surgeons. There is often no one 'right' approach - and surgeons have different views. It is also good if your hospital takes a multidisciplinary approach to considering brain tumours (depending on which part of the brain is impacted could include neurosurgeon/radiation oncologist/ophthalmologist/endocrinologist etc). A multidisciplinary approach is good because some neurosurgeons are only intent on achieving a 'clean scan' & getting all the tumour, but that can be at the expense of other important functions. I would say get informed & make some appointments.

MyfanwyMontez Thu 16-Nov-17 15:38:16

Thank youBlackSwan
The hospital that will be treating me does have a multidisciplinary approach. My stroke consultant did say that a decision to operate would not be taken lightly, as you said it could impact on other functions.
I am just a bit anxious I guess.I just want to appointment to come through.

Millie2013 Thu 16-Nov-17 21:00:30

OP, I'll message you, so as not to out myself smile

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