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Sciatica? Can anyone advise?

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Sarahh2014 Tue 14-Nov-17 12:05:41

Always had back pain on and off since rta several years ago which is manageable.Started today with what can only be described as toothache down my legs knee caps privates and top of bum and back.Could this be sciatica? I've got dr appointment later but just wondered if sounded familiar to anyone

JaneJeffer Tue 14-Nov-17 13:26:27

Sounds like it. I've had physio for this before and the exercises they give you to do are good at preventing it when you feel the twinges coming on. Ask the doctor to refer you. And be careful if you're given anti inflammatory tablets as they're very hard on the stomach.

Sarahh2014 Tue 14-Nov-17 14:58:23

Thanks I've took tramadol but feel spaced out now

JaneJeffer Tue 14-Nov-17 16:31:38

I hate tramadol, it makes me hallucinate! Try to get it sorted because it can last for ages.

Foodylicious Wed 15-Nov-17 17:15:47

Ask for a physio referral and if you can stretch yo the cost, i would really recommend seeing an osteopath or chiropractor.
Sometimes Groupon have offers.

Justbookedasummmerholiday Wed 15-Nov-17 17:16:19

A TENS machine worked wonders for my sciatica.

Sentimentallentil Wed 15-Nov-17 17:18:19

Sounds like your pelvis could be misaligned too.
What’s your lifestyle like? Have you had children? And are you hyper flexible?

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