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Panicking about this mole

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chocolatedonut Tue 14-Nov-17 00:56:57

I've suddenly freaked myself out tonight after coming out of the bath and I'm panicking about this mole. It's been there for about 3 years. I'm sure it's got larger but I can't be sure (no previous photos to compare it to).
It's barely raised above the skin- could it be a large freckle?

Am I wasting a doctors time by getting it checked out? I know how difficult it is to get an appointment so I really wouldn't want to take up if not needed.

Skatingmama Tue 14-Nov-17 01:03:32

I would get it checked early this week if that was me. Ime Drs never mind you asking. Not a hcp but I've had. Lot of moles looked at.

augustusglupe Tue 14-Nov-17 08:55:07

I’m really fair skinned and have lots of moles. I’ve had a few I’ve suddenly ‘noticed’ over the years and have gone to get them checked.
Yours doesn’t look bad to me, but only a GP or specialist can tell, as they use a special light to examine them.
You are absolutely not wasting their time, it needs checking, please go smile

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