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Wits end with period related diarrhoea - ruining my life

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alltoomuchrightnow Tue 14-Nov-17 00:32:02

Always had dodgy guts with period but once I got into my 40s (now 46) it got worse and worse. It's taking over my life. I always worked full time and now part time because of this, hoping period will fall on days off (or have to call in sick) as just can't cope with the pain I get or the runs.
It's not like I even have heavy periods.. it's only heavy for the first few hours, by day three I'm usually on just a pantliner.
To give an idea of how bad... if I take 6 Immodium, I still can't leave the house and am violently passing water, it's getting worse as now having accidents if can't get to loo. So it's usually 8 Immodiums before I can leave house, but normally I can't as the menstrual and gut cramps are so bad. I'm sure that that much immodium can't be good for me but what choice do I have? Also I get very dizzy /lightheaded during this time and clumsy... a year ago for example, I stumbled because of this and got a bad shoulder fracture.
It's getting worse as now have the runs all the time (not as severe as period days though)
I don't know what else I can do. Begging for a hysterectomy seems a bit drastic when menopause could be round the corner. I tried the mini pill earlier this year for a few months and bled constantly and it made me constantly sick and dizzy with migraines most days.
Friend paid for me to see a homeopath recently and that didn't work, however the homeopath identified that I may have brucella. Have since hugely cut down on dairy.. which has helped a bit between periods but no difference on period.
Doctor gave me codeine but it did nothing and gave me such awful nausea I had to stop.
I eat a protein rich diet and again doesn't help on the period days.
I had a laparoscopy last year which revealed nothing (I had text book fibroids symptoms) I am infertile but it seems that is entirely due to underactive thyroid that was left undiagnosed too long. But it seems that there is nothing wrong with me gynaelogically.
I'm literally wishing for menopause but there seems to be no sign of it.
Doctor doesn't seem to want to give me the contraceptive injection to stop periods , especially after I was so ill with the mini pill. She suggested coil but I thought that was just for heavy periods?
I'm now back in my usual line of work (retail) as an xmas temp and no idea how I'm going to cope, period is due week after next (though doesn't always come on time).I literally can't stand when I'm in pain, but the other issue is that I spend the first two days literally sitting on the loo. If I call in sick I know I'm not getting paid (for not turning up) but I want to create a good impression and hopefully be taken on with them full time when temping contract ends.
Even if I dose up with several Feminax tablets and an entire pack of Immodium, if my period falls on working days I don't know what I'll do, as I said I'm in too much pain to stand.
I used to be prescribed Mefenemic acid which helps with menstrual cramps but I can't cope with the nausea and dizziness it brings, and it does nothing for the diarrhoa.
Is there anything natural that anyone's tried that helps? I know the issue is with hormones (prostaglandins)

GrockleBocs Tue 14-Nov-17 00:38:40

Are your iron levels OK? I used to get a bit constipated before my period and then get a bout of the runs once it started. It seemed to correspond to low iron levels somehow. I do have UC and the IBD nurse was very firm that your cycle and bowels were related.
Might be worth taking spatone in the week leading up to your period?

alltoomuchrightnow Tue 14-Nov-17 00:44:25

how do i know re iron levels? can doctor test that?
I was taking iron tablets (shop bought ones) after period but they made me feel nauseas so I stopped. I keep eating large amounts of nuts and eggs to try and bind me up but does nothing

alltoomuchrightnow Tue 14-Nov-17 00:49:12

I think I might buy some spatone, yes Grockle and take it during that week , worth a try

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